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Aetna Dental Insurance Plan

by Valerie - Housewife

Aetna Dental Insurance Plan

Aetna Dental Insurance Plan

Let me share why I consider Aetna Dental Insurance Plan a great help in my dental health care. You see in 2005, I had this problem tooth which my dentist told me could only be resolved if I underwent a root canal treatment.
Filling my teeth was not going to make my toothache go away. I was dismayed not with the treatment recommended by the dentist, but with how much it was going to cost which was $945. That was not easy for the family budget because back then, my husband was just working in between jobs so I can stay home and take care of the kids.

My dentist who was quite sympathetic with my situation suggested that I enroll with Aetna Dental Insurance. He assured me that the price will be lowered because he is accredited with the insurance company. It turned out that my dentist is a member of Aetnas network of dentists. Due to this, he charges Aetna members lower fees based on the negotiated price Aetna Dental Insurance company arranged with him; although, he is not in the habit of telling all his patients about this for obvious reasons.

So I went online and enrolled under the Aetna Individual Advantage SM Dental PPO Plan, it included the preventive care services like cleaning and x-rays and I was entitled to a maximum benefit on dental coverage of $1,000.

However, one important thing I want to tell the readers is that if you do not know anything about insurance, particularly dental insurance plans, it would be best if you ask. Initially, I had the wrong notion that the benefit will cover the $945 my dentist was going to charge me for the root canal. Plus, I had to pay a $100 deductible and a monthly premium of around $22. I was getting confused because it seemed like I was going to spend more.

It is quite a good thing that Aetna Dental Insurance had a live online assistance available from 5 am to 9 pm during weekdays and 7 am and 4 pm during weekends. In fact, there is a 24/7 chat online available where I was able to talk to a nice lady who gave me real answers in real time, That was when I was able to clear a lot of things. The nice lady online answered all my queries until I was satisfied about Aetna Individual Advantage SM Dental PPO Plan.

I was entitled to an annual maximum benefit of $1,000; Aetna Dental Insurance will reimburse my dental expenses up to $1,000 as a long as it is included in their coverage. So the nice lady told me that I should work out the plan either as family or individual if I wanted my kids covered. Since my kids were still young and my husband had medical and dental benefits with his regular company, I got the individual plan. I made sure that the root canal treatment and crowns were included.

To cut the story short, the $945 root canal treatment that I was supposed to pay my dentist if I did not have the Aetna Dental Insurance Plan, was reduced to $337.50. My dentist charged me lower for the whole root canal works, $675 instead of $945 because I was an Aetna member. Aetna Dental Insurance paid 50% or $337.50 leaving the other half of $337.50 on my account. I may not be able to use up the $1,000 benefit for the whole year but the savings I got from the original price of $975 to the $337.50 was good enough for me. Even if I add up the $22 monthly premium I paid for the whole year it was still a lot of savings. Besides, I do not pay for the preventive maintenance of regular check ups and cleaning because Aetna Dental Insurance reimburses 100% of what the dentist charges.

Today, my Aetna Dental Insurance Plan has been converted into a family dental insurance plan. Money is even harder these days, and if it were not for Aetna I would have found it impossible to keep a regular preventive care and basic dental care for my children. They have now grown up since I first joined Aetna Dental Plan Insurance.

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