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AARP Dental Insurance
Affordable Dental Insurance for Seniors and their Families

AARP Dental Insurance is the dental insurance plan provided by AARP, a non-profit membership organization that aims to support the lives and well-being of its members, which consist of people 50 years and above.

The AARP dental coverage is offered as one of the many benefits AARP members can receive.

For this, AARP partnered with Delta Dental Insurance for the dental coverage of their members. Thus, every member of AARP has access to PPO dental plans from Delta Dental.

Below, let us walk you through the different AARP options as well as their different benefits - to make your choice easier.

We will also explain who is eligiable for the plans and and how to find AARP registered dentists.

AARP Dental Insurance Options and Benefits

aarp dental insurance Options and eligibilty of AARP Dental Insurance are:

  • Delta PPO Dental Plan
  • AARP Delta Plan A
  • AARP Delta Plan B
  • Who’s Eligible for AARP Dental?

1. Delta PPO Dental Plan

Since AARP sources its AARP dental insurance plans from Delta Dental, the dental insurance it offers to its members is basically a Delta Dental PPO plan. Under this plan, members can choose their own preferred dental care provider and even switch dentists without need for notification. Although Delta Dental offers higher coverage for dental care provided by any of its 67,000 dental locations in its network, members can also choose out-of-network dentists just as most PPO plans allow.

Delta PPO will already pay the dentist directly for its portion of your dental health costs, so you just have to pay your share and go. You don’t have to deal with troublesome claims as your dentist and Delta Dental will make the transaction between them.

2. AARP Delta Plan A

Members are given two options when it comes to AARP dental insurance plans. The first is the AARP Dental Plan A, which covers 100% of all diagnostic and preventative dental procedures. The coverage also includes 80% of periodontal maintenance cleanings, denture repairs, and denture relining and rebase. Basic restorative care such as fillings, as well as oral surgery and root canals are also covered by 50%. After twelve months, you also get an additional 50% coverage on all periodontal procedure, crown restoration, cast restoration, dentures, and temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

It also offers a 100% dental accident benefit with a lifetime maximum of $1000. The deductible for Plan A is $50, with a maximum benefit of $1,350 on a calendar year basis. The temporomandibular joint dysfunction treatment coverage, on the other hand, is up to $300.

3. AARP Delta Plan B

The AARP Delta Insurance Plan B is similar to Plan A in most respects except some differences in the coverage. Instead of 100% coverage on diagnostic and preventative care, the plan will cover only 80%. Periodontal maintenance, denture repairs, fillings, oral surgery, and endodontics are all covered up to 50%. And you will still get the full 50% additional coverage package offered with Plan A.

Plan B, however, does not include dental accident coverage. The deductible for Plan B is $100 with maximum benefit of $1,000 and the same lifetime maximum limit of $300 for temporomandibular joint dysfunction treatment.

4. Who’s Eligible for AARP Dental?

The AARP dental insurance plan is accessible for all members of AARP. However, each active member is allowed to enroll his spouse or domestic partner, his dependent children under age 26, and his dependent children who are disabled to the dental plan. Families can avail of group coverage as long as one of the family members is an active member of AARP. However, you can also enroll for individual or two-party coverage only. An enrollment form is available at the AARP dental insurance plan website.

Finding an AARP Dental Insurance Dentist

The minimum enrollment period for AARP members to enroll in the dental insurance program is 12 months. There is, however, a 30-day period after your enrollment within which you can withdraw your enrollment and get a full refund as long as you or your family members have not yet used any of the benefits of the plan.

Enrollment, however, may be suspended when the primary enrollee fails to pay the required premium fee.

When an enrollment is cancelled, all family members enrolled loses the coverage.

To find dentists within the network, you can search for one by using the online directory offered on the AARP dental insurance website.

You can filter your search based on your location to find a dentist nearest to your own location.

You can even specify the distance you are willing to travel to get to your dentist. The available option is up to 50 miles.

By providing specific information, the more likely you will be able to find a dentist that meets your needs.

However, you can also call your AARP customer service hotline for assistance; this is ideal if you are looking for local specialists in case you need specialized dental care.


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