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Dental Network of America
Providing You With Dedicated Dental Care Assistance

Dental Network of America is known as a Third Party Administrator as it connects members to dentists and vice versa for the benefit of all.

The network offers members the opportunity to avail of special discounts from dentists who are part of the network.

But aside from forging these connections, the DNoA, as it calls itself, is a Total Dental Benefit Solutions Company, which means it does more than just connect members and dentists; it promotes good oral health and offers much-needed solutions for the dental needs of its members.

This means the DNoA is not just all about business. The Dental Network of America benefits in that it cares about the dental health of all Americans and has more than just a business invested in the call towards dental health.

The company has been offering its commitment to good oral health for the past 20 years. Its two-way objective is to improve the quality of dental care, make it more accessible for citizens, and make it more cost-effective.

The Full Dental Network Package Benefits

The full dental dental network of america package includes:

  • National DPPO Network
  • Wellness Programs
  • Dental Benefit Administration

1. National DPPO Network

dental network of americaDental Network of America offers one of the largest dental PPO networks in the country. The PPO network encompasses all of America, thus building trust among citizens in need of a third party administrator that can help them with their dental needs. The national DPPO network provided by DNoA offers more than 130,000 access points available only to clients of the network.

The network also includes a large selection of participating dentists. These dentists provide service to members of the network and charges them based on a discounted fee schedule. The dentists are well-chosen; mostly these are dentists with high credentials and convenient and strategic locations.

2. Wellness Programs

The Dental Network of America also offers special Wellness Programs that promote good health by promoting dental health. The program lives by the statement that certain dental problems can lead to high risk medical problems if left untreated. Thus, the proactive campaigns are staged in order to encourage clients to pay more attention to their oral health.

The Wellness Programs can be broken down into three components: first, information about general wellness; second, targeted education for the improvement of dental health; third, targeted education for the improvement of overall medical health. The second component includes a caries management program and a periodontal management program, which targets parents of children and also those who are suffering from caries and periodontal problems. The programs involve handing out of flyers on the importance of treatments such as sealants and periodontal therapy.

3. Dental Benefit Administration

They also provides a dental benefit administration system which provides its clients with tools to manage their dental benefits. The client services can help clients enrol, confirm their eligibility, confirm their membership, request for ID cards, replace ID cards, and access their billing information.

The network also has a full-service call center to take customer inquiry calls and provide prompt assistance when needed. Written inquiries are also processed through a special processing system so that all bases are covered.

It is also easy to claim the benefits you expect from the Dental Network of America. The program has a special dental claim adjudication system which processes both paper and electronic claim forms to ensure you get exactly what you signed up for and fast.

The Dental Network's Electronic Services - and Providers

The Dental Network of America also offers a group of dental sales and marketing practitioners who can help you review the available dental plans, evaluate your needs, and match these two factors together.

These sales and marketing experts can recommend the right type of plan that will bring you the best package of benefits.

Joining the DNoA can help you receive several benefits such as competitive fees for your dental treatments, dedicated people who are willing to help you, quick claims processing, highly credentialed dental care providers, and an organization who’s always behind you in the race for reliable dental care.

The network offers their enrolment forms and claims forms online for easy application and fast claiming. The electronic claims processing system is promoted extensively because it helps maximize cash receipts and speeds up reimbursement. It also saves a lot of time, effort, and money on postage fees.


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