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Your Guide to Finding the Best Dentist for You

To find dentists, you need basic knowledge of dentistry and what factors are important in the field.

There are many types of dentists with various specializations and various expertise levels.

Without basic knowledge about dentistry, you will find it hard to find dentists that can take good care of your teeth.

Choosing the right dentist is important, since your dentist takes care of a very important part of your body.

So you should pour in enough time and effort into finding a dentist you can trust and feel comfortable with, especially if you have kids and want to find a dentist for them.

Also, if you have special needs, such as special dental procedures, then you have all the more reason to take your choice of a dentist seriously.

Let us walk you through it below :

How to Choose

A couple of good tips on how to find the best dentist:

  • Types of Dentists
  • Factors that Should Affect Your Choice

1. Types of Dentists

Find DentistsThere are many different types of dentists, but the most basic type is the general dentist or the family dentist.

A general dentist can handle any type of dental and oral problems and can help guide you through treatment procedures. However, their expertise in specific fields is limited, so in most cases, they help with diagnosis but treatment is passed on to more specialized professionals.

Also, there are dentists who can treat you, while there are dentists who have the necessary license to perform dental surgeries. These are called DDS, or Doctor of Dental Surgery, as opposed to DMD or Doctor of Dental Medicine. Aside from that, there are orthodontists and cosmetic dentists.

In a dentist’s clinic, you will also encounter dental assistants and dental hygienists. The dental hygienist’s primary task is general oral cleaning and their range of responsibilities may differ. The Internet offers resources that can help you find dentists. For example, there are websites where you will find a general listing of dentists categorized based on location, so you can find dentists in your area.

2. Factors that Should Affect Your Dentist Choice

If you are looking for a dentist, it is important to first collect a list of all the dentists in your area. Then you can start evaluating and comparing them so you will find the dentist with the set of qualifications and expertise that meet your need.

You might also prefer a dentist who has more expertise and experience despite the higher rate. Dentists’ rates differ according to their training and level of expertise, so cost can also be a consideration. It would also help knowing that your dentist is a credited member of dental associations, which can add credibility and assurance that you are in good hands. In addition to that, aside from the location, there are other logistical concerns that you should concern, such as the dentist’s clinic hours and weekend availability.

Aside from those general factors, you should also consider the dentists’ expertise in the specific procedures you are after.

If you require major procedures, it is better to look for specialists who can give you the best possible dental care for your dental problem.

For example, if you need tooth bonding or porcelain veneers, you may want to talk to a specialist of restorative dentistry if you need such procedures due to serious dental problems, but you may want to consider a cosmetic dentist who can help you find the best fillings or veneers for cosmetic appeal with their added expertise in dental esthetics.

To make sure you get adequate and appropriate dental care, you should have a general dentist to take care of your teeth properly and regularly. Then, for special procedures and major problems with your teeth, you can consult a specialist on the specific type of procedure you need. Your general dentist can give you recommendations on which specialists to consider.

Locate a Dentists with Affordable Rates

You can also consider the savings you will get if you look for a dental insurance plan or a discount dental plan. Such plans will provide you with a listing of dentists that they are partnered with. For example, in a discount dental plan, some of which are Aetna Dental Access, GE Wellness Program, Patriot Plans, and the likes, you will have a list of dentists to choose from.

When you get a procedure done in one of the dentists on the list, you can get discounted prices on all treatments due to your plan membership.

Lastly, a few words on cosmetic dentistry :

Cosmetic dentistry and the dental procedures involved are expensive. If you’re working on a tight budget, you may be unable to achieve the best smile makeover outcome. To increase your financial resources, take the following steps:

1. Get a statement of predetermined procedures and costs from your cosmetic dentist. Only the dental procedure involving tooth restoration and artificial replacements are not covered by the dental insurance plan. Other treatment procedures are considered as basic dental care and major dental expenses under your dental insurance benefits.

2.Submit the statement of predetermined costs and procedures to your dental insurance provider. The latter will in turn provide you with an estimate as to how much can be reimbursed and how much will come from your own pocket.

3. Look for dental financing extended for cosmetic dentistry purposes. Your dental insurance provider may be extending one, or the dental clinic includes financing as a payment option. You can research for them in the net and you may be able to find offers for affordable and easy to pay installment plans. A good credit standing and clean credit history will assure you of a quick approval.

We wish you all the best with your find dentists pursuit !


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