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Delta Dental Insurance
The Country’s Premier Dental Care Helper

Delta Dental Insurance is often hailed as the largest dental benefits carrier that services all of America, from small families to large businesses. Delta Dental is a non-profit organization composed of several independent member companies.

The company has been dedicated to providing affordable dental care to those who need it for over 50 years.

Delta’s main product is dental insurance, which helps consumers access proper dental care whenever they need it even though the need comes unexpectedly.

These dental insurance policies also help make checkups and regular treatments more affordable. To give you the best package you can benefit from, Delta Dental offers several different types of dental insurance plans.

The most common types of dental plans around include PPO plans, HMO plans, fee-for-service plans, and discount dental plans.

Delta Dental makes it a point to offer all these different types of dental plans so that consumers can choose the plan most appropriate for their needs.

The plan that’s best for you is one that offers good rates with enough coverage for the treatments you need the most.

What Delta Offers

Offers available include:

  • Delta Dental PPO Plan
  • Delta Care USA HMO Plan
  • Delta Dental Premier Fee-for-Service Plan
  • Delta Dental Patient Direct Discount Plan

1. Delta Dental PPO Plan

delta dental insuranceDelta Dental Insurance’s top dental insurance package is the Delta Dental PPO, a PPO or Preferred Provider Organization plan. In this type of plan, Delta Dental offers members a network of dentists to choose from. These dentists are under contract with the company to accept lowered fees as full payments for patients who are members of this plan.

The important things about PPO plans are that they should offer an extensive network of dentists and should offer low prices for dental treatments. However, PPO plans also allow you to choose a dentist not belonging to the network, but the discounts on treatment fees you will get will be smaller.

Dental PPO plans from Delta Dental are offered to individuals, families, associations, and organizations. PPO plans are known for good service and large discounts.

2. Delta Care USA HMO Plan

Delta also offers an HMO plan, the Delta Care USA. An HMO plan of Health Maintenance Organization plan, is a pre-paid type of dental plan. Under this plan, you are required to choose one dental care provider who will be the main coordinator of your dental care. Any specialty care will be referred to a specialist by the primary dentist.

If you prefer an HMO plan, choose one that has low fixed fees for the treatments you commonly need. Also, choose a plan that does not charge a co-payment for diagnostic and preventative services.

But remember, in an HMO plan, you cannot go to a dentist that does not belong to the network, as any expenses will not be covered. Thus, it is important that your HMO plan provide a large network of dentists for you to choose from. Delta Dental Insurance makes it a point to evaluate member dentists carefully based on experience, location, accessibility, openness to all clients, and the overall range of services offered.

3. Delta Dental Premier Fee-for-Service Plan

Delta Dental also offers the Delta Dental Premier, a fee-for-service plan or indemnity plan. This is one of the best types of dental plans if you are primarily after the choice of dentists. This plan offers a network of dentists you can choose from.

If you seek dental care from network dentists, you pay co-insurance and the plan will take care of the remaining balance. The co-insurance you will be required to pay will be at different percentages depending on the extent of the treatment. Expect to pay less for preventative services and more for major treatments.

Fee-for-Service plans have deductibles and require you to meet a yearly maximum coverage.

4. Delta Dental Patient Direct Discount Plan

One of the most sought after types of dental insurance plans is the discount dental plan. Delta Dental Insurance has now added a discount dental plan to its list of offered services. Delta Dental’s version of this highly affordable dental package for families, individuals, and groups is the Delta Dental Patient Direct.

If you have a discount dental plan, you can choose from a list of participating dentists. These dentists have an agreement with Delta Dental to provide discounts for dental treatments.

The Delta Dental Patient Direct discount plan requires no paperwork and no hassle. You get significant savings due to the discounted fees. This type of plan is possibly the easiest to avail.

Group, Business or Individual

Some of the Delta dental plans available include:

  • Delta for Mid and Large Groups
  • Delta for Small Businesses
  • Delta for Individuals

1. Delta for Mid and Large Groups

delta dental planThere is a Delta Dental Plan waiting to answer every need. So if you are looking for a dental plan package for medium-sized to large groups or organizations, Delta Dental offers plans with customized features and benefits to meet the needs of the entire organization.

The plans offer flexible dual choice options with combined premiums so enrollees can easily switch to different plans every month. The plans also involve out-of-network reimbursement percentiles and benefit levels that can be customized according to the size of your organization. Large groups can also choose from two plan designs, namely buy-up and high/low, so they can get the coverage that gives them the best benefits. These plans are available at different contribution setups, from full employer payment to voluntary employee contribution.

The fee-for-service plans also come with the D&P Maximum Waiver option, which expands the maximum limit of benefits that employees can get for preventive care. The plans also include orthodontics and dental implants, though this can be excluded at the request of the client.

2. Delta for Small Businesses

Small businesses also have Delta Dental Plans customized to fit their needs. Delta Dental offers a wide variety of plan designs that are commonly requested by small organizations. All the plans give members access to the largest dental networks in the country. Currently, the small business plans enjoy outstanding employee satisfaction rates and service many small businesses scattered all over the country.

These small business dental plans are designed for easy use, so employees of small businesses can flex the plans according to their needs. The dental plans also come with the same D&P Maximum Waiver option to further promote good preventive care and overall dental health. The plans, however, are free from hidden charges, so employees are well-protected. All plans are really especially designed with a small-business budget in mind.

3. Delta for Individuals

There is also a Delta Dental Plan to cater to the different needs of every individual. Delta Dental has made their plans as flexible as ever to make sure that all individuals have access to good dental care that their pockets can easily manage. The plans offer access to majority of the dental care providers in the country, so dental care not only becomes affordable; it also becomes convenient and easily accessible.

There are three types of Delta Dental Plans that you can choose from. There’s the Delta Dental PPO or Preferred Provider Organization plan. In this plan, dentists within the network have agreed to accept reduced fees as full payments for the services they provide. Under this plan, members can choose any dentist without referral. The participating dentists, however, reaches up to 119,400 locations, so why not choose a participating dentist to get maximum discounts?

Then there’s the Delta Dental Premier, a fee-for-service network-based dental plan that is currently unmatched in the industry. The dentists in the Premier network, which has 198,200 locations, have agreed to accept contracted rates as full payments. Members are also allowed to choose their own dentists. There is very low network turnover at less than 2% under this plan.

4. DeltaCare USA

The DeltaCare USA is a prepaid program that works like a dental HMO plan. This plan is characterized by set co-payments, no benefit maximums, and no annual deductibles. This plan offers comprehensive coverage spanning over 250 covered procedures offered by a stable and highly credentialed network of dentists. The network has a low turnover rate of less than 2%.

In some states, DeltaCare USA allows members to choose one dentist who will serve as their primary care provider.

Special Offers for Seniors and Military Workers

delta dental providersDelta Dental is like the missionary worker of dental care. It aims to give everyone access to affordable but high quality dental care. It tries to reach out to as many channels as possible to be able to provide as many people with dental health care.

One such strategy it has used is to form partnerships with organizations that assist in the lives of special members of the society, namely the seniors and the military workers.

So as not to ignore the special situations of such citizens, Delta Dental came up with special offers for them. Seniors can get especially designed Delta Dental plans from one of the Delta Dental providers, the AARP organization.

Military workers can get dental care assistance from another one of the many Delta Dental providers and that’s the Tricare program for military personnel. The Tricare dental plan from Delta Dental even provides around-the-world access to dental care for military personnel who are deployed to other countries.

These plans are made affordable and more easily accessible to seniors and military workers to ensure that everyone gets the plan that they deserve from Delta Dental providers.

Why Choose Dental Insurance from Delta

Getting a Delta Dental Plan is one of the best decisions you can make for your life, for your family, and for your organization. For businesses, giving high-quality dental benefits from Delta Dental to your employees can help improve their productivity.

For families, only a quality like that which Delta Dental provides deserves to be trusted with your family’s health.

Delta Dental has it all. Dental plans with good coverage, affordable rates, and a good network of dentists, combined with experience, cost control, stability, national range of service, and convenience.

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