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Careington Dental is the dental arm of Careington International Corporation, a well-known health and dental care insurance carrier. Careington offers plenty of health and dental care coverage options in their aim to bridge the gap between citizens and proper health and dental care.

Careington’s main objective is to make health and dental care more affordable and, therefore, more accessible.

In recent years, Careington has come up with new offers that still work towards the same end. Instead of the traditional medical and dental care coverage packages, Careington has jumped on the discount plan bandwagon. All in all, Careington’s beneficial offers can be grouped into three different types of plans.

Careington has been successful in its aim for quite some time now. It has been giving several consumers a chance to receive dental care at prices that they can afford. Thus, membership in a Careington plan can even give you significant savings.

If you ask various Careington plan holders, you’ll be surprised at the positive feedback you will receive, and you’ll be even more surprised that Careington charges one of the industry’s lowest membership fees. Membership fees are meant to be paid on a monthly basis.

Things to Help You Decide on A Careington Dental Care Plan

Cereington Dental Plan

Things you should know about the Careington Coverage:

  • Discounts
  • Procedures included
  • Choice of dentists
  • Application and claims process

1. Discounts

If you are seriously considering buying a dental plan, it is only natural that you look at the offered discounts and benefits first. A dental plan is an investment, so it is crucial that people receive the right care at discounted prices.

Careington Dental offers you discounts starting at 20% and going up to 60%. The 60% discount is for preventive and routine services, while the lower discount rate is set for those who need more complex procedures. Specialty services stop at a discount limit of 20%. Preventive care products include routine exams and oral cleaning sessions. All dentists who are under contract with Careington are evaluated closely, so you can really trust Careington to take care of your needs.

2. Procedures included

Careington has a very wide range of offer when it comes to the procedures it includes in its products. Discounts apply to all cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and other specialty aside from the basic and preventive procedures. Cosmetic dentistry procedures include bonding and veneers. Periodontists, oral surgery, endodontists, and so on are all included in the portfolio.

The plan also adds savings on Lasik and Vision treatment and on prescription drug purchases.

3. Choice of dentists

One partial reason why Careington plans has become successful is that it allows members to choose their own dentists. They also do not need any referrals when you decide to go to a specialist. This is a great plan for those who are meticulous about their dentists and for those who really want to stay with their former dentist

4. Application and claims process

Careington is one of the easiest dental plans to use around because it comes with no specific requirements, age limits, or restrictions. You can also process your claims easily and without any trouble. If you need a specialist, you can even get referrals from other existing countries in the area.

Three Types of Careington Plans

In recent years, Careington has come up with new offers that still work towards the same end. Instead of the traditional medical and dental care coverage packages, Careington has jumped on the discount plan bandwagon.

All in all, Careington’s beneficial offers can be grouped into three different types of plans.

  • Careington Total Care Plan
  • Careington Individual Care Plans
  • Careington Discount Dental Plans

1. Careington Total Care Plan

careington dental planThe first type of plan offered is the Careington Total Care Plan, which offers consumers a single plan that already takes care of everything: health care, dental care, hearing care, vision care, and so on.

The plan also agrees to pay for hospitalizations, physician visits, laboratory services, medications, medical supplies, and other products used for the health and wellness of the insured. The Total Care Plan is supported by a 24-hour hotline that members can easily call when they face any health care problem.

The Total Care Plan will cost you just $30 a month; this already entitles you to all the benefits promised by the plan. To become a member of the plan, you need to pay the monthly fee. Upon application, you have to pay $20 as processing fee.

2. Careington Individual Care Plans

If a single all-encompassing plan is available, then Careington also offers individualized plans for each health care aspect.

You can get a plan only for medical care, for dental care, or only for vision care, whichever you need. Other options include hearing plans, chiropractic care, prescription drug plans, and others. Get in touch with a representatives to get a full list of the various plans they offer.

3. Careington Discount Dental Plans

Careington also offers discount dental plans, plans that are specifically focused on dental care.

These plans entitle members to 5% to 60% discounts on all dental care services, starting with basic preventive procedures and extending all the way to specialist dental care services such as endodontics or root canals, prosthodontics, periodontics or gum care services, and orthodontics or braces, among others. Careington dental plans are also some of the few in the market that offers coverage for cosmetic dental procedures, a coverage often excluded in other discount plans.

The great thing about Careington’s discount plans is that they even offer add-on benefits such as discounts on vision care and LASIK eye treatments.

There are two types of Careington discount dental plans: the Careington Select dental plan and the Careington Care 500 discount plan.

The Careington Care 500 dental plan is the more extensive of the two and offers the additional benefits mentioned above.

The Careington Select is more affordable but focuses on dental care discounts and do not include the additional vision care benefits anymore. Discounts, for both plans, range between 20% and 60%.

Payment and Application for Careington Plans

If you are interested in Careington discount dental plans, you are just a few steps away from it. Discount dental plans deviate from the usual insurance processing required to avail of dental insurance plans.

These discount plans are simply like the membership discount programs often used by establishments as promotional strategies.

All members of the discount plan are given an ID. When they present the ID to dentists who have agreed to work with Careington in the said venture, the dentists will automatically reduce the costs of dental procedures by 20% to 60%, depending on the Careington plan list of benefits.

Remember that the discounts only apply if the dentist treating you is part of Careington’s network of more than 60,000 dentists.

Application for Careington take a maximum of two days, after which the plan is instantly activated and you can enjoy discounted dental treatments right away. You need to pay yearly fees, which you can also decide to pay on a monthly basis if you want.

Dental Insurance from Careington are offered to all who are interested in availing of the dental plan that will give them excellent discounts on most of the highly important dental procedures.

To get ahold of the discounts and other benefits, you simply have to pay $139.95 per year for each person and $189.95 per year for each family. The plan from Careington is called the Careington Care 500 Series plan.

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