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Guardian Dental Insurance
The Guardian Plans For Your Dental Health

Guardian Dental Insurance is a primary offering of Guardian life insurance company, a company which has been offering individuals and businesses with continuous life, care, dental, disability, and medical insurance as well as a full range of financial services and products.

The dental insurance program from Guardian is part of its extensive product list; to support the dental program, Guardian maintains an extensive dental network that includes dentists from all over the country.

Although Guardian dental insurance programs are also offered for individuals, they also cater to the needs of businesses who want to provide benefits for their employees.

Guardian dental insurance company offers several group insurance options for employers that help reduce their employees’ out-of-pocket dental expenses.

It offers many dental insurance options, all of which provide comprehensive coverage that offer preventative and diagnostic services to make sure that individuals and employees get proper dental care.

Your Options from Guardian

Options from Guardian Dental Plans include:

  • Dental Preferred PPO
  • DentalGuard Basic
  • Location-Based DHMO Pre-paid Plans
  • Maximum Rollover

1. Dental Preferred PPO

guardian dental insuranceThe primary Guardian dental insurance product is the Dental preferred PPO plan.

Under this plan, customers are allowed to choose their preferred dental care provider. Guardian offers them a large network of dentists participating in its program, but all customers can also choose their preferred dentist regardless of whether that dentist is part of the Guardian dental network.

The difference is that you get larger coverage when you go to an in-network dentist rather than to an out-of-network one. Guardian promises savings an average of 30% less.

2. DentalGuard Basic

Aside from its primary offering, Guardian dental insurance also recognizes special needs

. If you are looking for a more affordable dental insurance plan that offers less coverage in case you think you don’t need a heavy coverage or in case you already have an existing but inadequate dental insurance, then the DentalGuard Basic is most suitable for you.

Under this plan, you can choose your preferred coverage from the available coverage; it is up to you to customize your own dental plan.

3. Location-Based DHMO Pre-paid Plans

Guardian dental insurance also offers DHMO and other pre-paid dental insurance options in certain areas.

This means that Guardian recognizes your special needs. There are plans such as Managed Dental Care plans for CA-based groups, Managed DentalGuard plans for groups in FL, in NJ, in NY, and in TX. Whether you avail of a PPO plan or a DHMO pre-paid plan, you can also avail of the low-cost DentalGuard Basic package.

4. Maximum Rollover of Guardian Plans

Guardian also offers an innovative product called Maximum Rollover.

This allows Guardian members to roll over the unused benefits in their plan for use in the future. All unused benefits are collected in one account, which they can then use in the future in case they exceed their annual maximum coverage. This plan, however, is subject to certain qualification requirements. For example, if you want to quality for a maximum rollover plan, you need to submit a claim and keep within the annual claim limit.

Why Choose Guardian - What Are The Benefits ?

Naturally, choosing an in-network dentist will give you the highest savings you can get from your dental care. You won’t have difficulty finding a dentist you can trust within the Guardian dental network since the network has participating dentists in over 70,000 locations all over the country.

The Guardian insurance website’s dental insurance page offers a quick search database to help you find and choose a dentist. You simply have to choose which dental plan you are under and you will be provided with a list of dentists to choose from.

Dentists are categorized based on location, so you can find one near you.

Guardian dental insurance is just one of the many dental insurance plans available around. However, it offers several unparalleled benefits plus a well-trusted dental insurance system.

It currently has a customer base of more than 6.7 million employees under group or corporate dental plans. It has more than 90,000 dental care providers in its nationwide network. It also offers savings of up to 30% on most dental procedures.

Guardian also stands out by offering innovative dental insurance products. Customers are also satisfied with the company’s fast claims turnaround.

Claiming from Guardian usually takes an average of just three days. According to ongoing satisfaction surveys among its customers, Guardian keeps 97% of its total members happy and smiling.


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