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Questions to Ask before Applying for a Safeguard Plan

Safeguard Dental is one of the most prominent names in the dental field. It has played a monumental role in spreading dental health care to a lot of people who used to suffer with no care at all.

Safeguard recently merged with the MetLife family of companies, and now, with MetLife and Safeguard working together, consumers can receive high quality assistance and support for their dental health care needs.

Safeguard has been in the industry for 30 years, so even before it merged with MetLife, it has been making a huge difference in the industry. However, since the merger, the company has grown a lot more stable and more able to provide excellent service to customers.

And it has a lot of customers indeed. The name Safeguard has been in the game since 1974, and in that span of time, the company has won the trust of a lot of consumers.

Safeguard helps consumers get access to dental and vision plans that meet their needs, to highly credentialed dental and vision care providers, and to a reliable customer support system from the company.

All these have led to high satisfaction ratings enjoyed by the customers of Safeguard Dental.

Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know about SafeGuard Dental Plans:

  • How do they work?
  • Which services are covered?
  • Who are eligible for the plans?
  • Do I get to choose my dentist?
  • How long do I need to wait before I can receive care?

1. How do they work?

Safeguard DentalSafeGuard offers two main types of dental plans: the Classic Choice and the Premier Choice.

The two plans are designed so they can be easily used and understood. You simply have to pay the necessary membership fees, which you can pay on either a monthly or a yearly basis. This is all you have to pay and you already get as much coverage as you need for the entire year; you don’t have to worry about maximums and yearly deductibles too. If you want a straightforward plan that’s easy to use and provides good coverage, Safeguard Dental has it.

2. Which services are covered?

The coverage offered by Safeguard Dental plans cover over 245 dental procedures. You can avail of some of the procedures on a co-payment basis. This means you have to pay a certain amount to the dentist for each procedure you ask for, then the Safeguard plan pays for the rest of the bill.

One thing to know about Safeguard’s coverage is that the plans focus on preventive care. The plans put more emphasis on preventive care than on specialty care. However, you can also seek specialty care at discounted prices, though the benefits you get for preventive care are still way better.

3. Who are eligible for the plans?

The Safeguard Dental plans are designed to provide dental care access to any individual plus his lawful spouse or domestic partner, his children who are under 25 and are unmarried, and his children who are not capable of supporting themselves because of any physical disability.

4. Do I get to choose my own dentist?

Safeguard planholders can only enjoy the plan benefits if they go to dentists who are part of the Safeguard network. Not to worry, though, because Safeguard chooses its dentists very carefully. If you really want your dentist, then you can also nominate your dentist to the company and see if your dentist qualifies to become a member of the network.

5. How long do I need to wait before I can receive care?

Safeguard understands that more often than not, dental care needs are urgent. Due to this, the company does not have a waiting period. You don’t have to wait long before you can receive discounted dental care. You can enjoy discounted dental care benefits on the date specified on the communication you will receive after enrollment.

The Safeguard Range of Operations

Both of the Safeguard dental plans are available in California, Florida, and Texas, the three states with the highest demand for dental care. Prices for these plans differ in the three different states.

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