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Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Insurance
Aiming Towards a Healthy Dental Life for Everyone

Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Insurance is the dental arm of Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, a national association consisting of several companies focused on health care reform.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield dental insurance providers through Blue Cross now offers more than 70 million dental PPOs, 10 million fee-for-service dental plans, and 14 million dental HMOs.

Due to its wide service coverage, Blue Cross Blue Shield denefits has become a well-known and highly recognized name in the dental healthcare business.

Dental health care is often not a priority for a lot of people.

Unfortunately, dental care is very important and when neglected, could lead to extremely expensive dental treatments. Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Insurance focuses on providing high-quality dental care for all individuals and families without driving a hole through pockets.

Blue Cross Blue Shield is a reputable healthcare-focused company operating in most states in the country, which is why it is a popular choice among those who are in need of assistance in obtaining dental care.

What To Know About Top Choice Dental Insurances from Blue Cross

Facts about the dental insurance program include:

  • BlueCare Dental PPO Plan
  • BlueCare Dental HMO Plan
  • Dental Indemnity USA

1. BlueCare Dental PPO Plan

blue cross blue shield dental insuranceThe BlueCare Dental PPO or Preferred Choice plan is one of the largest products of Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Insurance. This plan allows members to choose their own dentists within or outside the BlueCare national dentist network. If you choose from within the network, you get more savings and incentives by paying discounted fees for most dental treatments.

Covered treatments include diagnostic and preventative care, restorative care, endodontic care, periodontic care, prosthodontic services, and oral surgery. Orthodontics is also covered for both adults and children, though each member has a lifetime maximum limit for orthodontic care.

BlueCare’s dentist network is made up of over 57,000 general and specialty dental care providers. Blue Cross Blue Shield’s PPO plans also come with competitive premiums.

2. BlueCare Dental HMO Plan

The BlueCare dental HMO plan is targeted towards companies wishing to provide dental benefits to employees. This plan offers full coverage of all preventative and diagnostic care services, which is why it is highly sought after. However, members are limited to dental care providers that belong to the HMO network, so they cannot choose their own dentists.

The BlueCare dental HMO from Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Insurance is very easy to obtain because it comes with no deductibles and no out-of-pocket costs. All you have to pay are pre-paid fees and you never have to worry about anything anymore. You also don’t need all the paperwork, such as claim forms, when transacting within the plan.

Under the plan, you will be given a membership card which they will need to present when they seek dental care discounts.

The main advantage of such a dental plan is that the HMO heath care system can assume or share the financial risks linked with the comprehensive dental treatments members may seek. Due to its security and convenience, a lot of practical people are opting for this option.

3. Dental Indemnity USA

Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Insurance also offers a dental indemnity plan. The Dental Indemnity USA is an individual dental indemnity plan which is offered in certain states. The Dental Indemnity USA plan can provide dental care to a member, to the member’s spouse, and to the member’s children. This makes it a highly beneficial plan for those who have their families to take care of.

Plan members will get discounts based on a discounted fee schedule for any dental treatments they avail of. Each member will be charged a $50 deductible, which already applies to all dental procedures received for each year. Families enrolled under the plan have to shell out a deductible of $150. There are, however, some procedures not covered by the deductibles. These include cleaning, fluoride treatments, dental x-rays, and sealants.

As a rule, members holding the Dental Indemnity USA plan should go through a waiting period of 12 months before certain procedures, namely restorative, periodontics, bridges, orthodontics, and prosthetics, become available.

Why Choose Blue Cross Dental Insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental is one of the most credible dental care insurance providers in the country. Naturally you’d want to trust your dental health with a company you believe in, so Blue Cross Blue Shield definitely has an advantage in this point.

It has gained its credibility due to its long history in the business, millions of satisfied members, and continuously improving product offers.

Aside from that, Blue Cross Blue Shield also maintains a highly credible network of dentists – one of the largest, in fact, in the industry.

Each dentist goes through a strict credentialing process to ensure the quality of dental care Blue Cross Blue Shield plan holders receive.

Blue Cross Blue Shield makes it a point to come up with new plans to help offer more benefits to more consumers.

It won’t take a lot of research to find the many branches of the company that reaches out to consumers in almost all states.


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