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United Concordia Dental Insurance
Building Trust by Providing High Quality Dental Care

United Concordia Dental Insurance is a leading dental insurance carrier that offers a whole network of dentists to its wide customer base to connect dental care providers with those in need of dental care.

The company focuses on low-cost but high-quality dental care then offers several other benefits on the side.

United Concordia has been meeting the dental needs of consumers for quite a long time now. Due to its long experience and renowned expertise, the company finds it easy to answer the dental needs of huge populations of employees in member organizations.

It’s no surprise more and more consumers are seeking after the trust and assurance that United Concordia offers.

And as proof of this, United Concordia Dental Insurance now provides affordable dental care to around 8 million members over its 40 years of experience in the dental insurance business. Its current dentist network consists of over 130,000 dentists scattered across different locations.

Best of all, the company offers several different types of dental insurance plans so you can choose the best one for you.

Plans to Choose From

Some of the united concordia dental insurance plans you could choose from include:

  • Concordia Flex Fee-for-Service
  • Concordia Choice Dental PPO
  • Concordia Access PPO and Discount Plan Combination
  • Concordia Preferred Dental PPO
  • Concordia Plus Dental HMO

1. United Concordia Flex Fee-for-Service Dental Insurance

united concordia dental insuranceOne of the most popular dental care products offered by United Concordia is the Concordia Flex plan, a fee-for-service dental insurance package offered primarily to companies who, in turn, offer the service as benefits to their employees. In this type of plan, members can choose an indemnity option, which allows them to choose their own dentists.

If this option is not chosen, members should seek care from network dentists to obtain discounted rates.

2. Concordia Choice Dental PPO

United Concordia Dental Insurance also offers the Concordia Choice dental PPO plan.

This plan is meant specifically for employees, but can be obtained separately from the company. Employers will not be asked to provide a minimum contribution in order to offer this plan to their employees. Their role is merely facilitation of enrolment, a bridge so that their employees can access affordable dental care. This can be paired with a vision plan.

3. Concordia Access PPO and Discount Plan Combination

United Concordia Dental Insurance also came up with the ideal dental plan combination: a dental PPO and discount dental plan in one.

The plan, called Concordia Access, offers members a network of dentists that can even offer free dental care services for certain dental procedures and great discounts for procedures not offered for free.

4. Concordia Preferred Dental PPO

Another dental PPO offer from United Concordia is the Concordia Preferred Dental PPO.

This works just like the standard dental PPO. In a PPO, you can choose your preferred dental care provider and get discounts regardless of your choice. However, a dental PPO plan comes with a network of dentists. If you choose a dentist belonging to that network, you will get bigger discounts. This is one of the most highly advantageous and beneficial plans offered by the company.

5. Concordia Plus Dental HMO

United Concordia Dental Insurance also provides a dental HMO plan, another popular type of dental insurance. The plan, Concordia Plus, works like an ordinary HMO plan.

The HMO plan restricts members from choosing their own dentists. Members are given a network of dentists to choose from. Choosing a non-network dentist means you do not get to avail of the discounts your dental plan offers.

6. Concordia Plus EPO

United Concordia also offers an EPO plan. This plan is ideal for companies with a smaller number of employees, such as ten or twenty. This plan, however, is only available in some states, but is very easy to avail of.

Advantages and Key Features

United Concordia is a trusted provider of dental insurance plans. One of its biggest advantages is its extensive experience in the business. This is why it is highly prepared in handling dental care needs of its members. As a result, its members feel assured and confident.

Its network of dentists is also dedicated and well-evaluated. The dentists are carefully chosen so that the company will be able to provide good-quality service to its members.

All in all, the company offers one of the most consumer-friendly dental insurance plans in the business, which already includes an online support system and several other online features such as dentist search programs, live chat with nurses, and online claims.


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