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Safeguard Dental Insurance
Safeguarding Your Dental Health

Safeguard dental insurance is a great choice when it comes to dental insurance. Safeguard has very reliable origins, after all.

The dental insurance provider is part of the MetLife group of companies and has been around for the past 30 years. In that span of time, the company has been a leading provider in the industry it belongs to.

Safeguard has two primary dental care programs that provide affordable and reliable dental care to more than a million members. Its bases of operations include California, Texas, and Florida. The two plans offer the same coverage; only the payment plans are different. This means you can choose the plan that meets your financial schedule best.

What sets Safeguard’s dental programs apart is the fact that the plans are geared towards increasing members’ savings and giving them high-quality dental care. The programs also offer added benefits focused on promoting preventive dental care for ensured long term dental care.

Aside from Safeguard dental insurance, the company also provides vision plans. Both thrusts are characterized by continuous quality maintenance and improvement, high customer satisfaction levels, and very reliable credentials.

Your Options

Offers available at Blue Cross Dental insurance include:

  • Premier Choice Dental Plan
  • Classic Choice Dental Plan

1. Premier Choice Dental Plan

safeguard dental insuranceThe Premier Choice dental plan is the more popular choice for most Safeguard dental insurance planholders, for the compelling reason that this plan requires the lowest co-payments in the industry.

The Premier Choice offers coverage for more than 245 dental procedures, so you can be sure that almost all of your dental care needs will be covered. The plan already includes free vision exams and other vision care benefits, including a LASIK treatment at a discounted rate from TLC Vision.

The Premier Choice dental plan is offered at an annual and monthly price of $141.60 and $11.99 respectively for individuals. Safeguard dental insurance offers a unique two-person plan, which charges $265.68 and $22.50 annual and monthly rates. Family plans, on the other hand, are priced at $389.76 and $33 per year and per month. These prices apply to California and Florida planholders.

Texas plan holders have to pay a little bit more. Individual plans under the Premier Choice costs $145.20 annually and $12.29 monthly. Two-person plans are sold for $273.48 per year and $23.16 per month. Family plans are priced at $415.80 and $35.21 annually and monthly.

Applying for the plans require a one-time application fee of only $20.

2. Classic Choice Safeguard Dental Plan

The Classic Choice dental plan is the second plan offered by Safeguard dental insurance.This is a lower-priced plan, but it requires higher co-payments. The benefits, however, such as the free vision exams and benefits and the same dental procedures coverage, are retained.

In California and Florida, Safeguard Classic Choice dental plan is available for only $94.44 and $8 per year and per month, respectively, for individual plan holders. Two-person plans are also available, priced at $186 and $15.75 annually and monthly. The family plans are very affordable at only $271.68 per year and $23 per month.

As with the Premier Choice dental plans, prices are a bit more expensive in Texas. Although the individual and two-person plans cost as much as they do in California and Florida, the family plans are a notch more expensive at $283.44 and $24 yearly and monthly, respectively.

The Safeguard Plans Advantage

Getting a Safeguard dental insurance will entitle you to some great advantages you won’t enjoy from just any dental insurance plan.

Safeguard makes sure your decision to get a dental insurance plan makes a big difference by providing exceptionally affordable rates for your dental care needs. These rates apply to more than 245 dental procedures.

The dental plan also provides a vision plan as an add-on. The vision plan covers all vision exams and provides discounts on contact lenses and eyeglass frames and lenses.

Safeguard also maintains a wide selection of dental care and vision care professionals to make their high quality services possible. You can avail of discounts and insured care without having to wait or worry about claim forms. The dental plans also eliminates maximum benefits or deductibles, so you really get straightforward benefits and great dental care.

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