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Full Coverage Dental Insurance
Seeking the Best Dental Protection Possible

Full coverage dental insurance is considered as the standard form of dental coverage you can receive from a dental plan.

Contrary to what some people believe, full coverage does not mean that these insurance plans cover 100% of the costs of all dental treatments.

That sort of insurance plan simply does not exist, since all dental insurance plans only cover up to a certain percentage of your dental costs.

A full coverage dental insurance, however, is often used to refer to the standard dental insurance as differentiated from discount dental plans.

These plans are reliable options for people seeking affordable health care that they can rely on.

Even as discount dental plans become more popular, a lot of people still prefer purchasing dental insurance because of its greater benefits.

When shopping for a dental insurance package, there are a few considerations to make to ensure affordability, reliability, and full protection. First, you need to evaluate your own dental needs to determine in which areas you need coverage. This is the major deciding factor that will help you figure out what kind of insurance you are looking for.

Let us go into the basics of full coverage dental plans :

The Basics

A few basic things you need to know :

  • What it is
  • How it works

1. What it is

Full Coverage Dental InsuranceFull coverage dental insurance is basically dental insurance that is not a discount plan.

These are dental plans where you get full coverage for basic dental care and some other provisions as stipulated in the insurance agreements.

These plans are sold by insurance companies and not by dental plan providers, and the insurance company formally enters into a formal agreement with you.

2. How it works

It works the same way as other forms of insurance, whether dental or not.

This means that you will be asked to pay monthly premiums, and while the insurance plan is active, your insurance package will partially shoulder the costs of your dental treatments. You also need to pay deductibles and may need to hold the policy for some time before certain dental treatments may be made available to you.

Also, remember that in insurance, you get what you pay for.

If you agree to pay higher premiums, then you will also get broader coverage.  This should be stated in written agreement with a formal insurance company, and you need to undergo an application process before you can avail of the insurance benefits. These are all different from the way that discount dental plans or memberships work.

What Does it Cover ?

Full coverage dental insurance, despite the use of the word “full,” does not necessarily shoulder full costs of dental treatments.

The coverage, in fact, varies from one insurance policy to another, and various insurance companies also offer different dental insurance packages. If you want to get as full a coverage as possible, you can avail of comprehensive coverage as long as you are also willing to pay the corresponding costs.

Most full coverage dental insurance agreements cover basic dental procedures such as regular cleanings and checkups. These are also considered as diagnostic and preventive care.

These are covered by most dental insurance packages in full since they are the basic dental benefits included in the plans. Aside from that, these dental insurance plans may also cover some extensive dental procedures such as fillings, x-rays, root canals, bonding, and the likes. However, in most cases, the coverage is less than what is covered in basic procedures.

You may also find some providers who pay for minor dental procedures in full, but these are very rare.

You can also expect some freebies from your dental insurance. For example, most dental insurance packages entitle you to two regular 6-month cleanings every year, completely free-of-charge.


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