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Cosmetic Dentistry
The Facts about Cosmetic Dental Care

Cosmetic dentistry is the type of dentistry that focuses on the aesthetics factors regarding a person’s teeth.

It considers the appearance of the teeth and the person’s appearance with regards to his teeth; for example, the position of the teeth and the way the person’s teeth affects his smile. It mainly includes treatment geared towards making a person’s teeth look good.

Cosmetic dentistry is set apart from traditional or general dentistry in that the latter is usually necessary or important, while the former is mostly based on a person’s desire to improve the way he or she smiles or how a person’s teeth looks.

However, in many ways, cosmetic dentistry is also similar to general dentistry, in that the cosmetic form of dental treatments also includes basic dental procedures for teeth restoration and repair.

In several cases, the two types are similar in process but different in purposes.

Below we'll look at

  • Your basic options
  • Major procedures and trends
  • Factors that affect prices
  • Cosmetic dental plans and cosmetic dental insurance options

Your Basic Options

Some of the best cosmetic dentistry are:

  • Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist
  • Available Cosmetic Dental Procedures
  • Major Cosmetic Dental Care Procedures

1. Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist

Choosing your cosmetic dental professional may be the biggest choice you make when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. Sometimes, this choice is even more crucial than the actual procedure you get done. Most of the time, you can find a cosmetic dentist through referrals made by your general dentist. Since your general dentist is well-acquainted with your needs and dental history, his or her recommendations on which cosmetic dentists are the best options for you will most likely be on target. You can also ask advice from friends or relatives who have had cosmetic dental work done.

The Internet can also help you find recognized cosmetic dentists in your area. And your personal opinion and feeling upon interacting with a cosmetic dentist will help you find one you will feel at ease with.

2. Available Cosmetic Dental Procedures

There are very common dental procedures that fall under cosmetic dentistry. First, there are inlays and onlays, which are indirect fillings that either use composite resin or porcelain shells.

Aside from that, there are composite teeth bonding, which is a good cosmetic solution to chipped, discolored, and decayed teeth. In such procedures, a composite bonding material is placed on the surface of the tooth, sculpted to fit the tooth shape, and hardened to be bonded to the tooth.

Composite bonding can last for a long time, which is why it is a generally preferred remedy for a lot of cosmetic dental issues.

Another popular procedure or product is dental veneer, which refers to porcelain laminates bonded to the teeth surface. This is another option for correction or repair of chipped or cracked teeth and even for discolored or misaligned teeth. Dental veneers also look great, which is why they are number one options when it comes to the cosmetic viewpoint. The veneers look polished, white, clean, and shiny, which makes your teeth look whiter and your smile brighter.

But if you want a more natural procedure for beautifying your smile or your problem is simply discoloration, you can go for simpler teeth whitening programs.

There are also a number of major procedures considered that can be done for cosmetic reasons. First, you can get dental implants, which refer to the artificial tooth roots that are used to replace lost teeth. This is a major procedure that can do wonders not just for your teeth, but also your face by delaying aging since your jaw will be held in its original position as you won’t have missing teeth.

And for bigger needs, cosmetic dentistry also include full reconstruction of the mouth, which aims to correct various problematic points that all add up to a specific dental problem. Such procedures are used to deal with incorrect biting, muscle problems, teeth structure and jaw structure.

Major Procedures and Trends

There are a number of major procedures considered that can be done for cosmetic reasons. First, you can get dental implants, which refer to the artificial tooth roots that are used to replace lost teeth.

This is a major procedure that can do wonders not just for your teeth, but also your face by delaying aging since your jaw will be held in its original position as you won’t have missing teeth.

And for bigger needs, cosmetic dentistry also include full reconstruction of the mouth, which aims to correct various problematic points that all add up to a specific dental problem. Such procedures are used to deal with incorrect biting, muscle problems, teeth structure and jaw structure.

One characteristic of cosmetic dental care is that it is ever-changing, ever-evolving. As time goes by, more and more trend and innovations are being discovered, as in any branch of cosmetic medicine. Recent trends these days go for more natural-looking remedies for damaged, decayed, or generally problematic teeth.

Also, in recent times, cosmetic dentists are looking for ways to perform less drastic procedures that do not call for the removal of the entire structure of teeth. This is now easier to maintain with the entrance of more technologies that can be used, such as lasers.

These technologies also make cosmetic dental care more accessible than ever since, given the new technologies, cosmetic dentists can already perform certain procedures in their clinics.

Factors that Affect Prices

  • cosmetic dentistry pricesThe Dentist, Clinic, and Facilities
  • Factors Included in Cosmetic Dentistry Costs
  • Cosmetic Dentistry Financing Options

1. The Dentist, Clinic, and Facilities

Cosmetic dentistry, as a specialization, is characterized by high prices due to its need for the latest equipment necessary to complete the procedures.

Dentists have to invest in order to keep themselves up to date with the latest technologies. They invest money on the latest equipments, and they invest time on their cosmetic specialization. That’s why cosmetic dental procedures always warrant higher costs.

Some clinics with particularly good and up-to-date equipments and cosmetic dentists tend to form a reputation, which gives them access to some high-profile clients. Specializing in cosmetic dentistry is a rather valuable addition to the portfolio of a dental practice.

Also, if the dentist himself has had years of experience and continuing studies in the cosmetic field, he will tend to charge higher cosmetic dentistry prices.

Finally, the location of the dental practice has a lot to do with how much the practice will more or less charge for various procedures. Naturally, the dental practice has to adhere to the price range that is being used in that particular location, deviating a bit only for competitive reasons but generally staying within that particular range.

2. Dental Materials

In order to complete the cosmetic dental procedures, dentists need to use dental materials, and these come in many different types and price brackets too.

For example, when it comes to dental implants, dentists don’t use just one type of implant. There are many types, such as the Intra-Lock implants or the Nobel Biocare implant, which are considered as branded implants and are quite expensive compared to the lesser types. Porcelain veneers are also more expensive than composite resin, and all-porcelain crowns are more expensive than crowns made of metal alloy composite on the inside.

The type and quality of materials used affect the cost of the implants.

3. Extent of Procedure Required

Not all cosmetic dental procedures charge the same prices. If two people get dental implants from the same dentist, who uses the same materials for both of them, there is no guarantee that they will pay the same price.

What they pay will still be affected by the extent of work that is required. Supposed one of them has suffered from bone loss, which means a bone grafting procedure is necessary. At this point, the costs that will be charged to the two individuals will definitely differ.

Some cases of cosmetic dentistry will also require the dentist to provide follow up treatments. If your specific treatment or case calls for such after-care services, then the cosmetic dentistry prices charged to you will definitely increase.

So around how much should you pay?

How much is just right and how much is over the top?

That depends on the procedure you’re after. Fillings are fairly affordable, with most dentists charging anywhere around $150 to $250 for each filling. If you get multiple fillings, your dentist can give you a package to help you save money. Tooth bonding will probably cost you $300 for the cheapest kind and $1600 for the more expensive kind.

Veneers and dental implants are especially expensive. Veneers, especially the porcelain ones, will probably cost you around $1000 for a single veneer. Some of the high-profile practices charge as much as $2000. Invisible braces, which are often considerd as cosmetic dentistry, are the most expensive, charging up to $8000 max. These are just some examples or brackets of the usual cosmetic dentistry prices charged by most cosmetic dentists.

Dental Plans that Offer Cosmetic Financing You May Not Know About

Cosmetic dental insurance is getting a bit hard to come by, not because they are low in supply, but because they are getting more and more expensive just like dental care itself.

There is also another challenge: since dental insurance plans that offer cosmetic coverage don’t really come in huge numbers, most of the existing ones are especially pricey even for an insurance coverage.

If you want to lower the costs of cosmetic dentis'try in a more straightforward manner, a way that you would actually feel the difference of, you should get discount dental plans instead.

Here are some of the options you have

  • Amacore Dental Program
  • Dental Care Advantage
  • UNI-CARE 100 Discount Dental Plan
  • 4Affordable Family Health Services
  • Careington Care 500 Dental Plan

1. Amacore Dental Program

One of the most affordable dental plans that cover cosmetic dental procedures. Amacore Dental Program charges only $119.95 for every year of membership for each individual. Families can get full coverage by paying just $159.95. Although this may not be the cheapest dental plan rate in the market, it is definitely one of the cheapest offers for a dental plan that includes cosmetic dentistry financing.

This is how the Amacore Dental Program can help you save: you get 28% to 50% discounts off on most dental services you avail of. This would include anything from basic cleanings all the way to braces, periodontal procedures, dentures, oral surgeries, and so on. Cosmetic dentistry procedures, on the other hand, are covered at around 25%. See, you get complete care with discounts on all your procedures, and you also get reduced fees for the cosmetic dental procedures you are considering.

2. Dental Care Advantage

Get the advantage of perfect-looking teeth by finding yourself a good cosmetic dentistry financing source such as Dental Care Advantage. Dental Care Advantage plans are available for only $124.95 for individuals and $164.95 for families. Both fees already apply for an entire year of membership and an entire year of discounts on practically all dental procedures and most especially on cosmetic dental procedures.

Dental Care Advantage has also partnered with 38,000 dentists who were strictly and very carefully chosen to ensure the quality of care that you receive. These dentists are under contract to provide you with discounts ranging between 20% and 55%.

Dental Care Advantage is also the ideal choice for those who are looking for a dental plan that offers cosmetic dentistry financing as well as other special benefits such as discounts on vision care, chiropractic care, hearing care, and prescription drugs.

3. UNI-CARE 100 Discount Dental Plan

Are you looking for the most affordable dental plan in the market? There’s no question about it; you are after the UNI-CARE 100 discount dental plan. Charging only $79.95 for individual membership and $129.95 for family membership, the UNI-CARE 100 dental plan already provides as complete a coverage as possible. The downside is that you only get 30% discounts, which are lower than the usual 50% you can get from other plans. But still, you are able to get reduced fees on all your desired procedures, including cosmetic dentistry financing.

4. Affordable Family Health Services

Affordable Family Health Services is a discount dental plan that offers three main things. First, it offers the usual discounts on basic and minor dental procedures. Usually, discounts are 50% to 60%. Second, the plan also offers 25% savings on specialized dental care, including orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, as well as prosthodontics, oral surgery, and so on. Third, the discount plan includes added benefits for prescription drugs, vision care, and chiropractic care.

Not all discount dental plans offer this generous a deal and this makes the Affordable Family Health Services discount plan affordable indeed, especially since you can get all these benefits by just paying $124.95 per year. If you would like to enroll your entire family, you have to pay $169.95 for the entire year, still a great deal considering that all members of the family will already enjoy great discounts even on cosmetic dental care.

5. Careington Care 500 Dental Plan

Careington is a renowned health and dental insurance name that offers several health and dental care plans, including a total care plan, which includes all the health and dental care coverage you need to have peace of mind. One of their dental care offers is the Careington Care 500, a dental plan made in the discount strategy instead of the traditional insurance strategy.

The plan gives as much as 80% discounts on most dental care procedures, plus 20% discounts on specialist procedures, and that includes cosmetic dental procedures such as dental bonding and dental veneers.

Charging only $139.95 per year for every individual,  and adding just $50 to that price for the family package, this is the best cosmetic dental insurance alternative you can probably find. Not to mention that it also offers discounts on vision care, Lasik eye procedure, and prescription drug purchases.

Final Reminders

Before you seek cosmetic dental care, it is important to make a few arrangements or considerations.

First, the objective of cosmetic dentistry is to improve the appearance of teeth and this may have an effect on your overall appearance.

Second, cosmetic dental procedures are very expensive, even with the discounts and coverage that insurance and dental plans offer. You have to be both emotionally, psychologically, and financially ready for it.

Third, this is not something you just get into out of fun. Remember that this requires an investment and involves a permanent change. Make sure to discuss carefully with your dentist before getting the procedure done.

Listen to your dentist’s recommendation about whether cosmetic dentistry is really necessary or helpful in your case, or whether some other remedy can be used.

This way, you won’t go for cosmetic dental insurance even if you do not really need to.


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