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Smile Makeover
Reinventing Your Smile for a Better You

A smile makeover is an important process in cosmetic dentistry. In a nutshell, it is the process of applying any one or a combination of various cosmetic dentistry procedures with the purpose of improving the person’s smile.

It can consist of any dental procedure used in the cosmetic world, such as composite teeth bonding, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, crowns, bridgesm, oral maxillofacial surgery, and teeth implants.

How Makeovers Work

A few tips on how smile make overs work:

  • How a Makeover Can Help Improve Your Smile
  • How to Plan for Your Makeover

1. How a Makeover Can Help Improve Your Smile

Smile MakeoverA smile makeover can help you out in many ways.

These makeovers work in various ways to cover up a lot of problems with your teeth or mouth.  For example, a makeover can be done to correct misaligned teeth or those that are unevenly spaced apart. In such cases, the makeover process may include orthodontics, dental veneers, or with the use of Invisalign.

You can also use these makeovers to cover up missing teeth that makes your smile look crooked. At the same time, missing teeth can bring several other disadvantages like a weaker bite.

For such purposes, a makeover will most likely involve dental implants, dentures, whether partial or full, and bridges.

Aside from that, you can use these makeovers as remedies for discolored teeth.

Now, you don’t have to settle for silver dental fillings when you can perform a makeover using composite resin that matches the natural color of the teeth. You can also cover up with veneers and crowns. For manageable discoloration, you can have various teeth whitening procedures performed. A makeover done to correct discoloration often brings the benefit of a youthful appearance.

Makeovers can also be used to solve certain dental problems, such as a chipped or a cracked tooth. Such problems can be corrected by teeth bonding, which help make the smile fuller and more attractive.

2. How to Plan for Your Makeover

To get a makeover, you’ll need to work in close participation with your dentist to plan the factors that need to be changed and which specific procedures will be done to change them. A planning session is an essential part of any smile makeover case.

In planning your makeover, your dentist will pay a lot of attention to certain factors, especially the esthetic appearance of your smile, which refers to the part of the upper and lower teeth that is revealed when you smile.

You and your dentist can plan on the proper length of teeth that can give you a youthful look, which can be achieved by using dental veneers or composite tooth bonding.

One common problem in esthetics is a gummy smile, or one where too much of your gums become exposed when you smile. The most common course of action in handling such problems includes teeth lengthening or crown lengthening. Most of the time, a smile makeover that involves a gummy smile may have to involve a periodontist. 

While planning for your makeover, your dentist will also take note of your smile line to determine the proper length of your new teeth. Your dentist will also plan how to artfully match your new teeth to your face based on specific esthetical considerations.

And aside from tooth size, your dentist will make sure that your teeth are proportion to one another. Some people smile with two front teeth that are too large for the teeth surrounding it. Such issues can be made over and the size of the two front teeth can be reduced to the correct width to length ratio. This proportion is important to make sure that your smile is well-balanced and will not look crooked.

Maintaining Your New Smile

The effects of a smile makeover are long term, but they do require continuous care from you and from your dentist.

The type of maintaining treatment and schedule that’s right for you depends on what specific dental procedure was involved in your makeover. Dental veneers and teeth bonding usually need replacement after some time to deal with chipped or broken veneers and fillings. Whitened teeth often require touch ups to maintain the whiteness. 

Also, since the world of cosmetic dentistry is changing, a continuously innovating makeover for your smile will help you deal with all the problems you may have with your teeth.

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