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Gentle Dental
Dental Care that Gives the True Meaning of Care

Gentle Dental is a well-trusted and family-friendly provider of personalized dental care.

The company now runs over 130 different offices scattered in various areas of the country. Gentle uses this highly competent network of dental care providers to provide high quality and reachable dental care to all families. The company’s main target is at the neighborhood level.

If you are looking for dental care that really makes you feel cared for, then what you are looking for is the Gentle way of providing dental care. A lot of dentists tend to be very distant from their patients.

But with something as sensitive and sometimes painful as dental procedures, such as extractions and root canals, patients, especially families, need someone they can trust and rely on, someone that they can feel comfortable with.

This is something that is slowly getting lost in all the commercialized dental plans being offered nowadays.

It’s a good thing there’s Gentle, which is specifically created to provide a level of care that goes beyond what is expected.

What Gentle Dental Offers

Various dentistry offered at Gentle Dental :

  • General dentistry
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Specialty dentistry
  • Payment options

1. General dentistry

Gentle DentalGentle Dental offers full-service dental care to all its members.

This means you can find all dental procedures from the company. Gentle, however, gives a lot of emphasis to general dentistry needs because these are the needs that go a long way and the needs that are most crucial for majority of the population they serve.

General dentistry services from Gentle can be broken down into four different categories. First, there’s preventive care, which helps keep teeth and gums in a great condition in general. Preventive care services from Gentle include regular oral exams, oral cancer screening, x-rays, sealants, cleanings, and custom night guards for those who experience night grinding.

Second, there’s restorative care, which aims to repair slightly damaged teeth and improve its appearance. These procedures include fillings, dental implants, dentures, partial dentures, root canals, crowns, and bridges.

Third, there’s pediatric care for the special needs of families with children. Gentle can provide the caring dental procedures best for kids. The included procedures are sealants and fluoride treatments.

Fourth, there’s emergency care, which offers 24/7 emergency dental care on standby. All you have to do is make a call.

2. Cosmetic dentistry

Gentle also offers a full range of cosmetic dentistry procedures to help you make your smiles look better. Gentle offers teeth whitening procedures, dentures and partial dentures, veneers, inlays and onlays, crowns and bridges, and dental implants that are necessary for aesthetic purposes.

Bone augmentation procedures are also available for bone grafting treatments in case of traumatic tooth loss, tooth extraction, and other reasons.

A lot of dental companies and plans offer comprehensive care but do not offer cosmetic services. At Gentle, you don’t have to go looking for any other company for your aesthetic dentistry needs.

3. Specialty dentistry

Gentle Dental also provides specialty dental procedures. The team includes expert orthodontists, endodontists, pediatric dentists, periodontists, and prosthodontists to meet all your needs for braces, prosthetics, and so on. There are also oral and maxillofacial surgeons prepared to treat dental conditions, defects, and injuries involving the mouth, teeth, and jaw area.

Pediatric dentists are around to provide specialty care for children all the way through their adolescent stage to give them a good start on dental care.

4. Payment options

Gentle Dental aims to make your dental care experience as convenient and comfortable as possible, and this is why the company also offers flexible payment and financing options with you in mind.

The variety of payment arrangements allow customers to choose the right payment plan that they can easily manage given their financial standing.

Gentle accepts payments made through most major credit cards, aside from cash transactions. The company also offers dental insurance options for people who have existing dental insurance plans to cover their dental care expenses.

Gentle honors payments made through dental insurance plans. The company has a team waiting to answer any questions about the company’s policies when it comes to the benefits and co-payment arrangements of dental insurance plans.

Aside from that, Gentle offers an interest-free financing option called the CareCredit. This type of financing allows you to keep a credit line with the company. Any accumulated expenses are not charged with interest fees but can be paid at a later date.

The Gentle Way of Providing Dental Care

What really sets Gentle apart can be implied from its name: Gentle offers caring and friendly dental care with dentists, specialists, and staff all wired to provide nothing but gentle care for your sensitive dental needs.

Gentle Dental prides itself highly on this very unique offer for its valued customers. That’s why the entire Gentle team is committed to offering a high level of respect and compassion for their patients. The team also encourages an open communication between the company and the patients to ensure provision of dental care.

Even the way that Gentle offices are designed speaks comfort and care. You can find various Gentle locations in several areas in the US, and you’ll see that even scheduling is extremely convenient.

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