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Sedation Dentistry
Conscious but Pain-free

Sedation dentistry is an option patients have when it comes to facing dentists. A significant number of people fears dentists from childhood and end up fearing them until they’re all grown up.

Who have at least felt a cringe at the sight of dental tools, the pointed little objects, the pliers, the drills?

Who hates the long hours of lying on the dental chair with a wide-open mouth while a dentist is working on your tooth?

Many of those who refrain from going to the dentist do so because of fear, trauma. This, thus, makes the situation worse because everyone of us has to at least visit a dentist once a year for regular check-up and cleaning.

Some procedures that dentists perform are very complicated, some undeniably painful than others. This is why it is also hard for patients to agree on doing the procedures, which also makes the situation worse.

But, there is a choice. One can choose to undergo sedation while a dentist is working on a tooth problem.

This will be easier for the patient because he or she will be in a very relaxed state and won’t feel pain or stress, at all. While lying on the dental chair, one wouldn’t have to fight pain and keep his/her mouth open at the same time, he/she wouldn’t have to go through the pain, and he/she would not feel tired of keeping the mouth open, as well.

Undergoing sedation dentistry means the patient gets sedated and goes in a very relaxed state, still conscious and awake. The dentists may still talk to the patient, inform him/her of what’s happening. However, the patient may not remember as much after the procedure.

Also, long hours on the dental chair may seem like a few minutes.

Questions to Ask

Things to know about sedation dentistry:

  • Sedation dentistry – is it safe?
  • Who are fit for sedation dentistry?

1. Is it safe?

Sedation DentistryWhen administered professionally, sedation is very safe

. It is needle-free (oral sedation dentistry) so those with trauma really don’t have to worry. Although needles may be used in the dental procedures, they are used after you have been sedated so you wouldn’t feel anything at all.

A patient should bring someone with him/her during the appointment. There should be someone to drive the patient home and stay with him/her for a couple more hours at home. This is for safety purposes because the sedation may still have some effects even a few hours after the procedure has finished.

Overall, sedation dentistry is very safe and convenient.

2. Who is it for ?

Mostly, those who have trauma will be prioritized in having to undergo sedation dentistry.

Also, those who find it hard to stay still in one position can also choose to be sedated so it would be easier both for the patient and the dentist. Longer, more complicated, and more extensive treatments like deep extraction, root canals, and other operations/procedures that require long hours and may cause heavy pain on patients are also best when administered with sedatives.

Some procedures also require several visits to the dentist because of the long hours it requires, in sedation dentistry, the procedure may be administered within a fewer visits or even in one day only. This is because the patient is in a relaxed state and doesn’t feel like he or she has been in the clinic, undergoing procedure, for long hours.

Most testimonies show that long hours of dental procedures feel like a few minutes on the dental chair for those who undergo sedation dentistry.

The Costs

How much you will spend on the procedure still depends on how complicated it is and what type and how much sedatives you will need.

Typically, oral sedatives, which are most commonly used, cost around $200 to $300. This does not include the procedure costs yet.

These additional costs and the risks that may come with undergoing sedation dentistry ask you to be wise enough to decide only when you really need sedation dentistry.

If you do not necessarily have trauma, simple procedures can be administered in normal proceedings and without sedatives anymore. But if it is really necessary for you to be sedated, you should talk to your dentist and inquire about it.

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