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Dental Tourism
Why Should You Consider It?

Dental tourism is a fast-rising trend in the dental field. The concept, which is also called dental travel, means going to another country to seek dental care from a specific provider.  

This is not a new concept; the Americans did it before by going to Mexico for cheaper dental services and dental equipments. And now, more and more people are opening up to the idea of seeking dental health care abroad, and for many reasons.

In some countries, there seems to be a shortage in dentists that people are forming long queues just to receive dental care.

In some locations, on the other hand, dental care has become extremely expensive that other people even prefer going abroad to seek the same type of care.

The Benefits

The benefits of Dental Tourism include:

  • Affordable Dental Care
  • Excellent Quality of Dental Care
  • Get Immediate Dental Service
  • Dental Care and Travel in One

1. Affordable Dental Care

dental tourismIndeed, the foremost reason why people seek dental care abroad is to save money on dental costs.

For people who hear about the dental tourism concept for the first time, this particular benefit would be hard to believe. After all, the idea of going abroad itself is synonymous to spending money.

However, in some countries, labor and administrative costs are so much cheaper. This allows dentists to charge reasonable rates for dental care.

And with advantages in cash exchange rates, you may get even greater deals. Going to other countries, especially to certain countries known for their dental tourism industry, can cut off around 75% of your overall dental expense, and that amount of savings is enough to cover all of your regular travel expenses and still leave you enough to use for some leisure while you’re there.

2. Excellent Quality of Dental Care

Some countries are specifically known for their dentistry, or the good quality of dental services they provide. In such countries, dentistry is considered a specialty.

In Costa Rica, for example, medical tourism centered on cosmetic surgery and dental services is a booming industry because of the country’s specialized expertise and their top-of-the-line facilities. And for the services that are usually expensive such as dental surgery, dental implants, and dentures, Costa Rica is definitely the top destination.

Despite this, their services are reasonably priced, making the choice of going all the way over there to seek dental care more preferable than paying overcharged fees at your home country.

3. Get Immediate Dental Service

A lot of people sometimes choose dental tourism in order to get instant dental care.

There are a lot of dental clinics that offer instant and guaranteed dental care to anyone from anywhere in the world. If you are stuck because of long and frustrating waiting periods, check out your overseas dental care options because you might be able to get dental care faster, even if you do have to go abroad for it. This option, therefore, is ideal for when you are facing a dental emergency.

4. Dental Care and Travel in One

Dental tourism also offers another plus: while you’re there for a dental treatment, why not take the chance to look and travel around?

The added opportunity of leisurely travel makes dental travel even more tempting for a lot of people. If you like to travel but need to worry about several other expenses including dental care, then dental travel is the only way you can combine both. If you apply for your dental treatment before you leave, then it would even help you obtain visa for travel fast.

When It Is Not a Good Idea

However, there are certain instances when dental travel is not the best option you have. This would depend on several factors, the foremost of which is the nature of the treatment that you need.

If your dental treatment takes a long time and requires repeated visitations, then you would be forced to stay a long time in your destination.

This may affect the cost aspects of your trip; if it takes too long then getting treatment in your home country might still turn out to be the better idea. And if you need maintenance treatments such as when you get braces, dental tourism is also an impractical decision.

Also, even if you will still be able to save, you have to consider whether you can spend a long time in another country. You may have other schedules or commitments to think of.

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