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Blue Cross Dental Insurance
Giving You Blue Cross Dental Plan Options

Blue Cross Dental Insurance is offered by Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company.

The company has always held an immaculate record, boasting of excellent and effective insurance plans and accurate and prompt claims processing. The company offers a long list of insurance plans to meet various needs.

Now, Blue Cross has also come up with its Blue Cross dental insurance plan, which was met with favorable response due to Blue Cross’ excellent reputation.

Blue Cross offers several dental insurance plans that provide consumers with different coverage options to choose from. To support their members, Blue Cross maintains a network consisting of 20,000 top dentists in various locations to cater to their members.

Although this is not the largest dental network, Blue Cross prides itself in the quality of the dentists they have in their network. For Blue Cross, quality matters more than quantity.

You also get high annual maximum benefits and great rates for all your dental care needs.

What Blue Cross Offers

Offers available at Blue Cross include:

  • Blue Cross Dental PPO
  • Blue Cross Dental HMO
  • Blue Cross Dental Insurance Plans for Seniors
  • Blue Cross SmileNet Dental

1. Blue Cross Dental PPO

blue cross dental insuranceThe Blue Cross Dental PPO plans work just like other PPO plans: they allow you to go to the dentist of your choice, whether your choice belongs to the network or not. You get discounted rates regardless of your choice, although the rates are much lower if you go to a dentist within the network. Blue Cross also offers two types of PPO plans, the Dental PPO or the Dental Blue PPO. The former is the regular PPO plan, while the Dental Blue PPO is an enhanced version.

The Dental Blue PPO offers three dental networks. You can choose from Dental Blue 100, Dental Blue 200, and Dental Blue 300. Dental Blue 100 offers the lowest plan premiums and lowest annual deductibles. This is, however, pretty basic; it does not cover major dental services. The benefit, however, is you get immediate benefits with no waiting period at all.

The Dental Blue 200, on the other hand, provides annual deductibles that already apply to up to 3 family members. The maximum benefit per year is also higher, and major services are covered, but there may be waiting periods for both basic and major procedures.

The Dental Blue 300 is a more flexible plan and offers the largest dental network out of all three types. This plan gives you greater discounts on dental procedures that in certain treatments, your out-of-pocket expenses may even be eliminated.

2. Blue Cross Dental HMO

Blue Cross also offers three types of HMOs. The first is the Dental Select HMO, a complete dental plan that covers all dental procedures. Diagnostic care, preventive care, restorative care are covered 100%, but the plan also covers other types such as cosmetic care, endodontic care, periodontal care, oral surgery, prosthodontic care, orthodontic care, and other services at negotiated rates.

The second HMO Blue Cross dental insurance plan is the Dental Premier Select HMO, which is similar to the first plan except that it offers additional 100% coverage for scaling or root planing per quadrant in periodontal care and extraction of erupted tooth or exposed tooth.

The third is the Dental Saver Select HMO, which is, as implied by the name, especially designed for those who want a more basic option. The Saver option offers 100% coverage only on oral exams, x-rays, and preventive care including topical fluoride treatment for children, then offers discounted rates for all other types of dental treatments.

3. Blue Cross Dental Plans for Seniors

Seniors are given special options by Blue Cross. They can avail of either the Senior Dental PPO Plan or the Senior Dental Select HMO. The PPO plan allows you to choose your preferred dentist and offers a large PPO dental network for you to choose from. The HMO plans offers immediate benefits for you and your family.

4. Blue Cross SmileNet Dental Insurance

SmileNet Dental is a special offer from Blue Cross.

Technically, it is not considered as an insurance plan. It is a special discount dental program that allows you to save anywhere from 15% to 50% of your dental expenditures when you seek dental care from Blue Cross dental partners. And since it is not really an insurance plan, you don’t have to pay annual deductibles and there are no maximums on benefits. There are no waiting periods and no need for claims.

You just have to pay $80 dues every year. If you want a family coverage, just pay $120 per year.

Who’s Eligible

The insurance can cover you and your dependents.

Dependents include lawful spouse, unmarried children under age 19, unmarried children between 19 and 23 who is a dependent in terms of federal tax income, and any child who is unable to support himself or herself. With a Blue Cross dental insurance, you can take good care of your entire family’s dental health.


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