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American Dental Association
Serving Dentists, Consumers, and Dental Students

The American Dental Association is the United States’ is considered as the world’s largest national association dedicated to the dental field. It is responsible for promoting good oral health and helping dental professionals and dental patients to join in ensuring the dental health of the citizens.

Every month, the American Dental Association releases a journal that compiles various articles on the dental profession.

ADA is currently headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Over the years, it has represented the dental profession to the government and has played a key role in the establishment of dental professional associations and of dental colleges in the country.

It is also an active educator of proper health care among the citizens.

How the ADA Can Help You

ADA helps you in the following ways:

  • The ADA Advocacy
  • The ADA for Dentists
  • The ADA for Consumers
  • The ADA for Dental Students

1. The ADA Advocacy

american dental associationThe association is currently advocating several improvements and developments in the dental field.

It is the association’s responsibility to generate funds for continuous research and development of the dental field. The association also contributes to the field by lending support to dentists and future dentists. It also advocates affordable and accessible dental health care for one and all.

2. The ADA for Dentists

Dental professionals benefit a lot from the support provided to them by the American Dental Association.

The association works with the Commission on Dental Accreditation for the accreditation of dental professionals. This is a key role in ensuring the quality and integrity of dental health care available to the public. The ADA is also responsible for disseminating timely and up-to-date information about the dental field and its developments to dental professionals.

For dentists to access such benefits, they need to apply for membership into the organization. There are three levels of tripartite membership, namely national, state, and local. The tripartite membership is ideal for dentists operating at a state or local level. If you are an international dentist, you can choose the direct membership.

As a dentist, it is for your benefit that you join the ADA to be part of the real dental community of the United States.

3. The ADA for Consumers

The public is another benefactor of the efforts of the American Dental Association.

The ADA offers tips, guidelines, and special benefits to consumers to help them access good oral care. The public can also benefit by choosing a dentist who is a member of the ADA.

By doing so, the citizen will get high-quality oral care; every member dentist provides only the highest quality and ethical service guaranteed. The association also answers consumers’ frequently asked questions and provides them with a guideline on how to handle certain dental concerns.

From helping consumers find dentists to talking to them about dental fees to explaining about the various dental procedures, and even to telling them when baby teeth naturally appear, the American Dental Association is willing to be there for all your dental concerns.

4. The ADA for Dental Students

The association is responsible for holding a vision for the dental field of the country. This being so, the association is also responsible for helping out dental students.

Dental students can receive various career resources for those planning to get into the dental career path. It also offers application guidelines to dental schools, a listing of possible careers in the dental field, links to dental schools all over the country, and the newest development in the field. The ADA is also involved enough to support the loans of some dental students as a way to ensure the future of the country’s dental profession.

News about ADA

The American Dental Association holds the Dental Care Summit to bring together various dental professionals into one place where its mission of providing oral health to one and all is discussed nad shared. ADA members are also given books such as the Current Dental Terminology and various other helpful resources.

It also provides insurance programs for ADA members, such as Term Life insurance of up to $2 million in death benefit, Term Plus Universal Life insurance, disability insurance for dental professionals up to $10,000 per month, MedCASH supplemental medical insurance of up to $500 daily for hospital charges and $5000 for critical illnesses, and Term Life Insurance of $50,000 as well as Disability Plans of up to $24,000 per year for dental students.

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