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Low Cost Dental Care
The Best Options Available on How to Get Affordable Dental Care

Low cost dental care is now just within reach, so people are no longer out of options when it comes to seeking dental care that’s friendly to their wallets.

In fact, they have several options, and a lot of people these days seem to be extremely confused with the best options that are available. It can be tough to choose especially since all options provide a way to get affordable dental care.

It is, however, important to make careful comparisons of your options so you know which of them is the best choice for you.

There are several details wherein the different low cost dental care options differ. These details should be thoroughly examined so you can see which of the options provide benefits that match your needs.

The two biggest battle in the industry right now is the battle between PPO dental plans and HMO dental plans and the battle between traditional dental insurance plans and the newer discount dental plans.

Low Cost Dental Plans – Your Best Options Compared

  • PPO dental plans vs. HMO dental plans
  • Traditional dental insurance vs. discount dental plans

1. PPO dental plans vs. HMO dental plans

low cost dental careThe PPO vs. HMO battle is a longstanding battle that, until now, has not been resolved. There is still much confusion among consumers about which of these two types of dental insurance plans they should go for.

The contest between these two options is a contest of preference and flexibility. To compare the two plans, first we need to explore the details of both plans.

First, the PPO plan is coming out to be the more popular choice because it is considered as more flexible. This plan offers you the flexibility to choose your own dentist and it will give you the discounts you paid for regardless of which dentist you choose. This is why the plan is called PPO in the first place; PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization. The focus of this plan is to give you discounted rates and access to a dental care provider that you prefer.

HMO plans is more restrictive when it comes to the dentists you can go to in order to get discounted rates. Although you get to choose your own dentist, your choices are limited to dentists who are under contract with the particular HMO plan.

Also, you can’t just switch dentists every time. HMO plans emphasize on maintained care, so they encourage having just one dentist take care of all your dental needs, unless you need specialty care; in such cases, the primary care provider will provide referrals for you to see the specialist you need.

Referrals will also be made within the network. HMO plans are more restrictive, but it is less expensive than PPO plans.

2. Traditional dental insurance vs. discount dental plans

But do you really want a traditional dental insurance plan?

Maybe it’s discount dental plans that you need. Discount dental plans are currently the number one providers of low cost dental care.

Traditional dental insurance comes with all the works. You pay monthly premiums, you get coverage for the entire year, the insurance company pays for your dental expenses after you pay your deductibles, and you can only get coverage as long as your annual maximum limit on benefits has not been met.

The downside is that traditional dental insurance can be rather complicated and they are harder to avail of because you need to deal with a lot of paperwork and meet a lot of requirements.

On the other hand, there’s low cost dental care offered by discount dental plans. Discount dental plans provides you with discounts on most dental services you may need. The discounted rates are already written down in a fee schedule.

To enjoy these discounts, you just have to become a member of the dental plan then pay the yearly membership fee, which is very affordable. This option does away with premiums, deductibles, and the paperwork. It is easier and more hassle-free. You may not get full coverage since you only get reductions in the rates, but joining dental plans is way more affordable.

Making Your Choice

Before making a choice, make sure you are familiar with how all these different discounted options work.

This is the only way you’ll be completely comfortable with the decision you made. If you think you made the wrong choice, you can check out other low cost dental care options the following year.

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