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Where Can You Find A Dentist?

A dentist directory should be your first stop when you’re looking for a dentist.

Dentist directories can lead you to dentists in your specific area, so you can find a good dentist near you.

Most dentist directory listings are also categorized based on dentists’ specialties aside from just location, and this helps you in finding a more targeted type of dental care provider so you can get the exact type of dental care you need in your area of residence.

Let us walk you through the different options :

The Different Options

You could refer any of the following dentist directories:

  • American Dental Association Directory
  • Your Dental Plan Directory
  • Other Resources for Your Dentist Search

1. American Dental Association Directory

dentist directoryThe American Dental Association or ADA is your most reliable source of dentists.

ADA manages an entire database of dentists compiled in a dentist directory, which you can access through its website.

The ADA provides several ways to narrow down your choices. First, you have to identify the particular specialization you need, then give your preferred location, broken down by city and state.

If you already have a dentist in mind but need to check whether he or she is a member of the ADA and where his or her office or clinic is located, you can provide a last name and a first name as well and the ADA website will do the searching for you.

Due to the importance of the ADA as an official organization focused on the dental field, it has a certain credibility, which is why a lot of dentists apply for a membership with the association. As a patient, you can also trust that all dentists pass through a qualification process to ensure the quality of service and care you receive from an ADA member dentist.


Dentist is another website that you can go to when searching for a dentist.

As implied by the name itself, the website is your dedicated directory for dentists. Through it, you can find dentists in your specific location or in a different location depending on how far you are willing to travel. You are also given the option to narrow down your choices by providing the name of a dentist or an office that you are considering. has made finding a dentist so much easier. If you are looking for specializations, special services such as dentists who are open on weekends and on evenings, special procedures, and even dentists who speak foreign languages. The site offers one of the easiest but most detailed dentist searches around.

3. Your Dental Plan Directory

In order to save money, however, most people get a dental insurance plan or a discount dental plan.

These plans often partner with several dentists, which make up a particular network that the insurance plan itself will recommend to patients. If you have a dental insurance policy or a discount dental plan, you should check out your dental plan’s dentist directory.

One common type of plan nowadays is the PPO plans. These plans allow you to choose any dentist, regardless of whether the dentist is part of your dental plan network or not. However, it is recommended that if you have a plan, you might as well go with a dentist who belongs to that specific network. Consider the differences in the savings you will get.

If you do decide to go to a network dentist, you can start searching for one from the dentist directory provided by your dental plan.

4. Other Resources for Your Dentist Search

There are several other resources you can use when you are searching for a dentist.

Aside from online resources, you can also check out other dentist directory listings or call dental offices. To get better results when searching, have your zip code and area code ready. If you are looking for dentists with specializations, you can also ask general dentists for referrals.

Found a Dentist from a Directory? Now what?

Once you find a dentist from a dentist directory, your next step would be to contact that dentist.

Dentist directories will provide you with the complete contact information of the dentists that meet your requirements.

You can start by calling the dentists up one by one and making inquiries. If possible, you can also try visiting them so you can get a firsthand feel of the dentists’ interaction with you.

Evaluate each of the choices carefully and do not make a decision without making wise comparisons and careful considerations.

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