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Where to Find Free Dental Care

Free Dental is not an easy thing to find, although if you know where and how to look, you’ll be lucky enough to get free services from a dental care provider.

With tough economic times, and dental care getting more expensive than ever, being able to get dental services without charge is definitely a huge deal. A lot of people don’t get sufficient dental care, and are aware of it.

The problem is, dental care has reached a level not easily attainable by most people.

The government and various non-profit organizations have combined their efforts in making dental care more easily attainable to every individual who needs it. There are now a lot of free dental programs around that people can avail of; you just have to know where to look.

Here are some leads to get you started :

Your Ticket to Free Dental Services

Ways to find free dental care include:

  • State or Local Medical and Dental Centers
  • Medicare and Medicaid Dental Care
  • United Way
  • Clinical Trials

1. State or Local Medical and Dental Centers

free dentalYour first stop should definitely be state-based or local community dental care centers that offer affordable or even free dental care for community members.

A lot of states already offer such health programs to ensure the health welfare of state citizens. These health and dental care centers are supported by the federal government. Some of these, however, also operate with the help of volunteers and donated dental supplies.

To get more information about free dental care from government healthcare agencies, contact your state agency or local government and ask where you can obtain dental care free of charge.

2. Medicare and Medicaid Dental Care

Option number two is to go to CMS or Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Medicare and Medicaid are committed to providing proper health and dental care to those who need it but cannot obtain them due to lack of resources.

Both are state-run but are highly established programs, which set them apart from the smaller free dental clinics and community health centers mentioned earlier.

Medicare, to be more specific, is a health insurance policy offered to people over 65 years of age. Medicare can cover their special dental needs, though coverage may not include routine care. If you want to get more information, contact your local Medicare center or check the CMS website so you can check which benefits are included.

And if Medicare is for the seniors, Medicaid is for the adults aged 21 and above. Medicaid offers free medical and dental benefits to individuals and can also be obtained by groups or families. Medicaid services, however, may vary from one state to another. Different states offer Medicaid coverage of comprehensive dental procedures, while some are limited to emergency procedures. Also, states set different eligibility requirements.

3. United Way

You can also rely on United Way, another excellent way to obtain high quality dental care.

United Way is not specifically focused on dental care; it is a non-profit charitable organization that provides a variety of benefits to individuals and families with the joint efforts of various smaller charitable organizations. The United Way of America has a general approach in helping people obtain better lives. They offer benefits that involve people’s livelihood, education, and health.

Through United Way, you can find some community-based dental services at reduced costs and, if you’re lucky enough, even for free. Your local and state health department would know about any United Way offers in your area.

4. Clinical Trials

If you are faced with certain dental problems such as specific dental and oral conditions, or even some craniofacial conditions, and cannot obtain treatment because it is expensive and free dental care clinics do not cover such treatments, you still have one option: join a clinical trial.

For example, the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research are looking for volunteers with special dental conditions to further studies in the dental health field.

Through clinical trials, you may be able to access free treatment for whatever condition you are faced with. And you don’t have to worry about anything because clinical trials are conducted only by the most capable in the industry.

Free Care for the Handicapped

If you are wondering about affordable dental care services for the handicapped, you should go straight to the National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped or NFDH website

. NFDH is a charitable organization that is affiliated with the American Dental Association. It is committed to providing long term dental treatment and preventive dental care to those who need it, pertaining to the disabled, the elderly, or those who are dealing with special medical conditions.

NFDH has more than 12,000 volunteer dentists in its program, and it runs more than 2,500 laboratories that can offer dental services for free. You can avail of Donated Dental Services, Bridge/Campaign of Concern, and HouseCalls, which are special direct-service dental treatment programs offered by the NFDH.

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