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TRICARE Dental Program
Dental Insurance Care for Those Who Deserve It

The TRICARE Dental health plan is a dental program offered by United Concordia Companies, Inc.

The program was established since 2001; since then, it has provided dental insurance for Active Duty individuals, Select Reserve, and Individual Ready Reserves, and their families.

The military men’s work is of extreme importance, which is why it is only natural that they be provided with support for good health and good dental condition and that their families are also taken care of.

The TRICARE dental plan, however, is a voluntary plan, which means only those who are interested in it can get the plan.

What To Know

Facts to know about your Tricare include:

  • Overview of Dental Benefits
  • Dental Coverage for Military and Families
  • Dental Benefits for Surviving Families
  • Dental Benefits for Retirees

1. Overview of Dental Benefits

tricare dentalBasically, TRICARE offers coverage for all types of dental procedures.

Basic procedures as well as diagnostic and preventive services are all covered. So are endodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics, orthodontics, and oral surgeries. Resin/composite fillings coverage is also available at a cost-share basis. Orthodontic treatment is covered for all enrolled family members except for the spouse and those over 21 years old.

2. Dental Coverage for Military and Families

The annual maximum limit of the benefits that can be enjoyed by members of the TRICARE dental plan is $1,200 for every enrollee and for each year. However, this does not include orthodontic services. The lifetime maximum is $1,500 per enrolled member for orthodontics procedures. TRICARE programs do not require deductibles as well.

The coverage differs based on the type of service you ask for. Coverage is 100% for diagnostic, preventive, and emergency services. The cost-share for sealants and other basic restorative care is 20%. Endodontic, periodontic, and oral surgery require 30% cost-share. For implants, prosthodontic, and orthodontic, it is 50%. Consultations, office visits, and post surgical visits require 20% cost-share.

As for premiums, Active Duty members can choose from a monthly single premium of $12.12 for the enrollment of a single family member. For more than one family member, the premium is at $30.29. These premiums are required for payment monthly and should be paid in full.

National  Guard and Selected Reserve members are charged different premium rates. The rates are $12.12 for sponsor only, $30.29 for single premium or one family member aside from the sponsor, $75.73 for monthly family premium or more than one family member but excluding the sponsor, and $87.85 for monthly sponsor and family premium for complete benefits for the entire household.

Individual Ready Reserve members have higher premium rates of $30.29  for both sponsor only and one family member plans, $75.73 for family premium plans, and $106.02 for sponsor and family plans.

3. Dental Benefits for Surviving Families

In case of the death of the enrolled member while in service, the family members enrolled in the TRICARE dental plan will receive 3 years of coverage starting from the month after the date of the primary sponsor’s death. The survivor benefit does not apply only to Active Duty family members but also for families of National Guard/Reserve members. The cost-share requirements, however, still apply.

4. Dental Benefits for Retirees

The TRICARE dental plan also offers a separate program for retirees. The TRICARE Retiree Dental Program is also voluntary and is premium-based. It is offered by Delta Dental. The Retiree Dental Program is available for all retired service members, retired National Guard and Reserve members, Medal of Honor recipients, their families, and survivors.


All Active Duty, Select Reserve, and National Guard members have the option to avail of the voluntary TRICARE dental program.

The dental program is designed to provide proper dental care to the members themselves and to their families, depending on the plan they avail of. The Active Duty, National Guard, and Select Reserve members are considered as the sponsors.

The sponsors should have at least 12 months left in their service when they avail of the dental plan except in the case of a retired service man. 

Based on the benefits descriptions previously described, it can be seen that Active Duty members are not given coverage from TRICARE dental. This is because Active Duty members can receive dental care from the military dental facilities where they are assigned. Nonetheless, they can be assured that their families’ dental care is well taken care of.

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