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Are white spots caries?

Dear dentist

Hey, it's me again, the same lady worrying about the white spots my daughter has. You said that it might be caries, that is really worrying me so I just want to confirm. She has had it for years now and it has not changed. Could it still be caries or would acid erosion cause it? She has been to the dentist many times and he has not said anything about it. Please help!

Dear reader,
If your daughter has been to the dentist and he has not registrered the white spots as caries, and the sports have been stable for many years, it is very unlikely that it is caries. The dentist would have seen it if it was caries. So then you should not worry about that! Then it is more likely that the white spots are hypomineralisation, which is not so uncommon and most often not anything to worry about. In any case it is important to visit the dentist regularly for a check-up.

Best wishes for you and your daughter,
from the Dentist

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