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Avia Dental Plan Company

by Hank
(KY )

I would like to share with you, how Avia Dental Plan Company saves me and my wife some dental costs even up to this day. When my wife and I turned 65 years old about two years ago, we were no longer eligible for dental insurance coverage. At that time, dental insurance companies still prescribed age limits, thus we had no recourse but to pay for our dental expenses in full.

Due to some turn of events, we had a change of dentist but it was actually a blessing in disguise. Our new dentist who had a nice friendly clinic was true to form. He was very friendly himself and in fact, advised us to access the Avia Dental Plan website and enroll to become a member. This is one way that we could get discounts even if we had no dental insurance plans to cover our dental health care costs.

Actually, I did not really understand how it worked and was doubtful whether it was just another money making scheme. Honestly, something like "So that is why he was so friendly" flashed in my mind. Nevertheless, my wife went online and researched about it. This was how she explained it to me:

1. Avia Dental plan is a dental discount plan and not a dental insurance plan.

2. Filing of claim is not necessary because the dental discount will be given outright at the time the dental expenses are incurred. All the member has to do is to present his membership discount card for validation.

3. Discount will be given by participating providers like Cigna, Aetna , Delta etc. However, with Avia Dental plan, it does not matter whether we have a dental insurance provider or not.

4. Range of discount will be based on the dental services rendered and the provider.

5. There was no annual limit, no limit on number of dental visits, and most important of all, there is no age limit.

6. Like dental insurance plans, the prices of dental services are discounted based on the negotiated price between provider and dentist. On top of that, our Avia Dental plan will entitle us to additional discount.

7. We will not be denied under any circumstances and regardless of our health conditions, because there are no health restrictions imposed.

8. Our Avia Dental plan activates within 3 days from date of processing which means we could receive our discounts without any waiting periods.

9. There are more than 100,000 dentists to choose from as this will be a combination of all network dentists of all insurance providers.

10. Most of important of all, we will be entitled to discounts from 10% up to 60% on our dental costs.

I cannot remember how much we paid for as our annual Avia Dental plan, but it was something around $150 as a Family Plan membership. We paid something lower than $8/month, which is the lowest monthly payment today. But I do remember that there was a time when my wife and I saved as much as $2,000 in dental costs between the two of us.

Today, we are 67 years old, and our former insurance provider has lifted the restriction on age limits. We did not bother enrolling anymore; the discount we get from Avia dental plan was good enough for me. I am already past that age of going through the process of filing claims. Thanks to the very friendly dentist who told us about Avia Dental plan. He is still our dentist because he belongs to one of the insurance providers network of dentists.

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