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Braces for Overbite

by Sondrah Merk
(Tampa, Florida)

Someday, I'll Get Myself a Set of Braces for Overbite Like This One

Someday, I'll Get Myself a Set of Braces for Overbite Like This One

I want to share a story about braces for overbite. Hi, I’m Sondrah and I’m a fun loving 16-year old teenager. My experience isn’t so terrible really but I guess some girls my age might learn a thing or two about my dental story. You see I’m in bad need of a set of braces for my teeth and my parents can’t afford it. The dentist said the average cost of braces suitable for me would be around $5,413 and can go even higher up to $7,625.

My mom asked around and some friends told her about “invisalign” braces that cost them only $3000 and they paid $150 a month through their dental insurance. The only thing is, our dentist advised us against it because it’s not the type of braces suitable for my overbite. The dentist says it would only be a waste of money because it’s not going to correct whatever it is that needs to be corrected.

Well at first, I thought the dentist only wanted to make more money but I did some research in the net and found out that what he was telling me and my mom was all true. I can’t understand much of the gibberish but it sounded more or less what the dentist said. From what I could gather, it says” invisalign“ braces cannot do the job of correcting a serious type of overbite.

I can say that mine is a serious one, that’s why I’ve been pestering my parents about it. I know my parents love me but nowadays, getting me fitted with a $5000 plus worth of braces is something they cannot really afford.

My mother, who dearly loves me, is even sweet enough to ask around for some dental assistance through local associations, which could link us up with the American Dental Association. I showed her an info I found somewhere in the net that the ADA offers some form of dental braces care assistance.

Actually, I used to have a good set of baby teeth. I think my parents feel a little guilty because they didn’t bring me to the dentist regularly, when my set of permanent teeth started showing up. I heard my dad telling my mom that she could have brought me to the dentist regularly when I was a little younger, so my overbite could have been corrected at an earlier stage. It would have cost less during those days since dental health care was not so expensive then.

For me, I’m not blaming anybody. I’m just glad I have two loving parents who care for me like they do. Overbite or not, I still feel the most loved person in the world. Besides, my friends think I’m fun to be with and my crush thinks I’m cute and doesn’t seem to mind my overbite braces.

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