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Brown patches in mouth

by Nadiya Zahid, Answer by the Dentist

I got a question about changes in the oral mucosa, from a person struggeling with brown patches in mouth.

"I've had brown patches inside my cheeks since 2 years time. I had braces on for like almost 3 years back. I dont know why they appearing there and they seem to be enlarging a bit. However, I dont feel any of pain there. Could you please help me out with this, I am badly worried."

Changes on the oral mucosa could be anything from benign conditions like stomatitis due to apthous ulcers or herpes virus, desquamation due to a strong toothpaste, frictional fibrosis due to chewing on the inside of the chin, plus many other "normal" conditions. The reader mentioned he had had braces - this can give ulcers on the inside of the lips and the chin. This usually goes away because one gets use to the braces and the mucosa with only react strongly in the beginning. Using of braces can also give gingivitis due to difficulties of proper oral hygiene. The reader might be worried about cancer - it is usually persons over 50 years old, heavy smokers and persons living an unhealthy lifestyle with bad foods, lack of fresh air and exercise combined with alcohol and other risk factors that can give cancer in the oral cavity.
Nevertheless, I will recommend the reader to seek a dentist, just to check what this is. Most probably is is not malign, but since it's growing it is wise to check it.

Good luck with handling with your brown patches in mouth!

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