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Brown spots in between teeth

by Anonymous, answer by the Dentist

Brown spots in between teeth are usually either carious cavities, discolorated calculus, severe forms of dental fluorosis, different stains or other, more seldom anomalies or disturbances in the enamel. A reader has a concern:

I have a big chip in the upper jaw between my front teeth. I think it is due to me eating corn on the cob. It's been like this for a year or so now and it seems to me that it's getting worse due to the color turning brown. I am just so embarrassed to smile!

Dear Reader,
Brown spots in between teeth are in your case carious lesions. I can see from your photo that you have cavities in your 4 front teeth. The cavities are quite big and you should seek a dentist as soon as possible to save your teeth from damnation. Cavities does not stop or heal by itself! When the brown spots between your teeth are localized the way they do, that is, on the meeting point between the teeth, it is surely caries. The anterior teeth are also quite translucent so it is easy to discover caries in this area; one seldom needs x-rays to diagnose caries in front teeth. The posterior teeth are less translucent and thicker so one often needs x-rays to make the correct diagnosis.

Brown spots between teeth is something your dentist can help you with! Good luck!

Best regards, the Dentist


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