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Careington Dental Plan

by Heidi - Caregiver
(Southern CA)

Careington Dental Plans

Careington Dental Plans

I am a Careington Dental Plan member and I would like to share with you my own experience about the benefits of having a dental discount plan. Let me begin by telling you that I had the most boring life anyone could imagine. I am single, alone, worked as a caregiver and was always too embarrassed to smile. In fact, I tried as much as possible not to show anybody my teeth.

It was only after Careington Dental Plans that my life took a different turn. I was able to go to a dentist who had all my bad teeth treated and replaced with porcelain crowns. I became a new person because I was no longer too embarrassed to talk to people and smile at them. The dental discount plan was not monumental in terms of cost reduction but it somehow helped made the cost of my dental treatments more affordable.

How Careington Dental Plans Improved my Life :
The lack of any dental insurance in my work as a caregiver prevented me from seeing a dentist regularly. As a result, a few of my front teeth were in poor condition. I learned from my employer that there is such a thing as discount dental plans so I went online and got myself enrolled in Careington Dental Plans. Since there was no maximum benefit or limit to dental visits, I was able to get root canal treatment at a pace by which my financial resources would allow me. In due time, all the root canal treatments and crowns were done and Careington Dental Plans made all this possible.

As a caregiver, I take care of a kind and elderly lady who was suffering from severe rheumatoid problems, aside from other old age diseases like back pains. According to her daughter who is my employer, they get a lot of savings by being a member of Careington Dental Plan. Under their dental discount plans, they get additional discount benefits for other health needs and this included 55% discounts on most of the generic drugs needed by her mother. That is how I learned about Careington Dental Plans.

As a member, my privilege card also entitled me to price discounts on medicine, 15% if I were to buy name brands and %55 if I bought the generic brands. The medicines were additional cost reductions when I had to buy antibiotics and painkillers while I was undergoing root canal treatment, so I guess they were part of the cost reduction in my dental treatments.

Another thing that I found beneficial from Careington Dental Plans was the inclusion of another health benefit. Aside from the dental and prescription drug discounts, I was also entitled to discounts in optical centers. Hence, I was able to replace my eyeglasses with the conventional contact lenses at 20% less the regular price.

I started to gain confidence because the person I now see in the mirror is a lot different from the image I used to see before I availed of Careington Dental Plans. In time, I had enough courage to socialize with my old friends because I no longer felt this inferiority complex about my looks. My friends quite approved of the steps I took to change my life and it all actually began when I became a privileged member of Careington Dental Plans.

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