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Cheap Dental Insurance Plan

by Marcella Wigmy - Legal Secretary
(Wyoming, USA)

Cheap Dental Insurance Plan

Cheap Dental Insurance Plan

I would like to share with you this tip about cheap dental insurance plan and what it really means. I am a single mom and I was in dire need of a cheap dental insurance plan for my 12 year old kid. My daughter needed braces that cost $4,500 which I was not ready for, because that would be almost wiping out my savings. So I thought a cheap dental insurance plan was the answer. However, it was not as simple as that.

I checked out the insurance companies and I learned that by getting an insurance plan, I was going to pay premiums that will partially cover for the dental expenses I will incur. The nice part about it was that the dental fees were quite fixed. This way, I was going to know beforehand how much I have to shell out for the dental cost.

At $11.95 premium per month I really thought that I was getting a cheap dental insurance plan since it would cover $1,000 annual insurance coverage for me and my daughter. I think this is fair enough because without the insurance, I was shelling out $200 just for some teeth cleaning and a simple dental examination for my daughter alone.

Now the dental insurance coverage I got covers 100% of preventive dental care as long as I get the services of their accredited dentists. I added in costs for some tooth fillings which I know we will need. The prices are quite fixed and it clearly states how much will be paid by the insurance. I made all the computations, and arrived at the total dental expenses I expect to pay for the year, and it would only amount to $633.75. So now I knew that for a cheap dental insurance to be effective, it also had to provide more savings and benefits in terms of dental care expenses.

I still need to resolve the issue about my child and her braces. I was not able to come across any good dental insurance plan that covered orthodontics or that related to braces. There were those that included braces but I had some misgivings about their offers because they could not give me a more detailed plan. I read about fly-by-night insurance companies that only mulched premiums but were actually useless.

What the insurance company suggested was for me to get an in-house financing for the $4,500 cost of braces for 24 months. I will be paying them around $125 per month based on this computation:

Cost of Braces $4,500
Annual Insurance Benefit ($1,000)
Out of Pocket Expenses ($ 500)
Balance payable in 24 months $3,000
Monthly payment via In-house Financing $ 125

Now that is what I call a cheap dental insurance, which can help me pay for the braces my daughter badly needs. I will be availing this kind of plan next year after we finish all the filling treatments we are scheduled to have this year.

So remember, cheap dental insurance plans are not about the premium costs, but on how much savings it will afford you. It is also the convenience of knowing the dental expenses you will be paying for so you can plan on your dental care costs.

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