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Cigna Dental Insurance Plan

Cigna Dental Insurance Plan

Cigna Dental Insurance Plan

How Cigna Dental Insurance Plan helped our family meet our dental expenses, even as our income started dwindling. For the past 5 years, my family regularly went to the dentist even at least twice a year for both preventive care and regular cleaning. When our visits started to become less frequent, the dentist asked about the children and how their teeth were doing. I had to be honest that our visits became less because the family income was affected by the current recession. Business was not as good and we had to cut down on some of the costs.

The dentist was quite concerned and told me that this was not a good idea because we are bound to face more expenses if we discontinue with our dental care. He said there was an alternative I could consider and that was by getting a Cigna Dental Insurance. Initially I was half convinced but he explained to me the difference of Cigna Dental Insurance as against other insurance companies. The following information about Cigna Dental Insurance convinced me to enroll the family for a dental insurance coverage:

1. Unlike other insurance plans, the Cigna Dental Insurance Plan does not require the payment of any deductibles.

2. Also, where other insurance companies had annual maximum benefit, there was no annual limit on the reimbursable benefits.

3. Members are covered for the preventive services. These services will include two dental examinations and cleanings annually, x-rays, fluoride treatments for children.

4. If a member will include it in his plan, both young adults and children can be provided with coverage for braces.

5. Claims for dental reimbursements will not require filing of forms.

6. No waiting periods are needed in order to be covered.

Now more than a year of my children getting regular cleaning, fillings and my wife and I had our crowns fixed, our dental expenses averaged a 60% savings on the annual dental cost of my family. This was not too bad, because when we started cutting down our costs on dental health care sans the insurance, we cut down on dental care expenses by 50 %.

The Cigna Dental Insurance Plan made it possible for us to cut down our dental care costs by 60% without having to sacrifice the dental health care of my family. In fact, counting the preventive care each member was entitled to, our dental care cost was actually saving us as much as 80%, for as long as we are covered by the Cigna Dental Insurance plan.

I am glad the family dentist became an accredited member of the Cigna insurance network of dentists and so he was able to share with us the benefits of having a Cigna Dental Insurance. In fact, the insurance company was not making any false claims, when they said that for every dollar that we spend on preventive dental care, it saved us eight dollars to fifty dollars in major dental expenses. Addressing possible dental problems before they developed into becoming a restorative or emergency treatment will make all these possible.

That is why despite the financial cutbacks we had to make in our dental budget, Cigna Dental Insurance made it possible for us to maintain our dental condition in good order instead of sacrificing it.

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