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Dental Insurance Plan Tip

by Margaret
( Maine)

Dental Insurance Plan

Dental Insurance Plan

My personal dental insurance plan tip ; The need for a dental insurance plan became pronounced as an issue when my teenage daughter needed a crown, some fillings and sealants. By the way, I am a mother of five and all out stressed in trying to keep the family budget meet mostly the needs of the children. Naturally, we had to back off from the dental clinic because the price was going to reach a ceiling high of $1,000. My husband and I felt it was high time we got a dental insurance plan for the family. This can help us find some ways to meet the dental health care needs of the children without hurting our family budget too much.

I researched the net and encountered all sorts of terminologies and requirements. To make the process of researching easier, I visited review sites so I can have at least, a better idea of the insurance company to look for. True enough, this review site led me to the website of this dental insurance plan provider that made it easy for me to understand the requirements.

Where other dental insurance plans did not allow pre-existing dental conditions, I was able to find a dental insurance plan that allowed it. You could just imagine my relief, because I finally found an answer to the dental health problems of my daughter. Another thing was the waiting period, had I not visited this review site, I would not have known that not all dental insurance plans required the observation of a waiting period before they became eligible.

What made me appreciate the online insurance website most was the fact that I did not have to fill up a lot of paperwork. Everything was done at the site, the enrollment and the payment as well as the search for the network dentist right in our area. In two days, after our enrollment for the dental insurance plan, my daughter was able to get her crown, her fillings and her sealants. Instead of us paying a private dentist $1,000, the network dentist basically charged us only $600 for the same dental work.

Of course we have to pay premiums and deductibles, but it is not the same as having to shell out as much as $1,000 which was lowered down to $600. Now that was a lot of difference and my husband and I are glad we came to our senses soon enough to get a dental insurance plan for the whole family. That lessened a whole lot of financial stress for us. Well that was my dental insurance plan tip for you :)

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