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Dental Polisher
Deep Cleaning for Teeth

The dental polisher is a device that is used to thoroughly clean teeth and scrape off any unwanted elements lingering on the surface to make teeth whiter, cleaner, and brighter.

Using such a device can help you keep teeth as clean as they possibly could be. This is a very meticulous procedure that can remove dirt and residues that are often left behind even when you brush your teeth.

Dental polishing is usually done at the dentist’s clinic, sometimes alone, and sometimes as a preliminary cleaning procedure before a sealant is applied or before a fluoride treatment is conducted

. In some cases, it is also used as a cosmetic dental procedure.

Guide to Usage

  • The Purpose of Dental Polishing
  • Added Benefits of Dental Polishing
  • Dental Polishing At Home
  • What to Avoid in Dental Polishing

1. The Purpose

dental polisherDental polishing is a known preventive and maintenance dental procedure; it is important for the complete cleansing of teeth.

Merely brushing your teeth is not always enough. Sometimes, the dirt and residues left on the surface of the teeth stick too much that they won’t go off with just brushing.

Polishing, however, gets to the surface of the teeth, getting rid of all the sticky unwanted elements that can dull and tarnish teeth. After a good polishing session, your teeth will look especially clean and attractive.

2. Added Benefits

Dental polishing does more than just make your teeth cleaner and free them from the unwanted residues and elements that manage to accumulate on the surface.

Dental polishing goes deeper than that. In fact, dental polishing can keep your teeth clean and prevent plaque and unwanted elements from taking over your teeth again. Since dental polishing scrapes teeth clean of all dirt, somehow the teeth surface ends up smoother and more resistant to plaque.

3. At Home

You can also do your dental polishing right at home. The only thing you need to do is to invest in your very own dental polisher.

A tooth polisher is similar in appearance to an electric toothbrush. It has a long stout handle that shrinks towards a particularly small head. Instead of a brush on the head, the polisher is attached to a small mechanism that looks like a very small cup, with the bottom of the cup facing out. This is the part that scrapes against the teeth surface as you polish.

Proper cleaning of teeth is important in order to prevent tooth decay and other major dental problems from coming up in the first place. However, most people only brush their teeth; some do so in a rush, some very lightly.

The effect is that brushing does not do enough cleaning. It helps to be able to polish and scrape your teeth clean at home since dental polishing procedures at the dentist will probably cost you more than when you buy your own tooth polisher.

4. What to Avoid

Nothing’s ever too good to be true, so naturally dental polishing also poses certain risks.

Some dentists are posing their concerns over regular and overly frequent polishing of teeth. According to them, frequent tooth polishing may weaken the overall structure of the tooth by causing abrasions repeatedly. Dentists are also worried that if polishing is not done correctly, it will affect the enamel layer of the tooth.

Dental polishing is highly effective, especially in cleaning areas that are hard to reach with your regular toothbrush. However, you should not do it on a daily basis even if you own a dental polisher.

Products to Consider

If you’re interested in having a dental polisher at home, check out the dental polishing products offered by Rio, a popular brand of dental care products, and also by Orawave.

Rio’s dental polishing product works fast and was found effective in reviews and customer opinions especially in removing plaque and teeth stains.

The Orawave polisher, however, is a toothbrush and polisher in one. The package contains one handle and two attachable heads, one for brushing and the other for polishing.

These are the two most popular types of tooth polishing products.

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