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Questions about dentistry deserve to be answered. I fact, you should try to have all your questions about your teeth answered. If you have any questions, you should take the time and effort to find the answers from dental providers that you trust.

There are a lot of dental questions that go unanswered, and this can be linked to the fact that a lot of Americans suffer from poor dental health these days.

Despite the availability of dental care, a lot of people do not receive enough care because of cost barriers. Another reason is that they don’t give much attention to their teeth or to questions that they have about their oral health.

Don’t be like the majority. You probably have questions about your teeth or your family’s dental health that you want to answer.

Commonly Asked Questions

Some of the commonly asked dental questions include:

  • Are sealants really necessary? What are they for?
  • What’s the difference between a root canal and an ordinary extraction?
  • My dentures are really uncomfortable. What other options do I have?

1. Are sealants really necessary? What are they for?

dental questionsA lot of dentists recommend sealants for several children. Dentists recommend sealants for a reason. It’s not just to get you to spend more.

Children’s teeth are very vulnerable since they generally get exposed to more sweets and some children are not as aware as adults about proper oral care.

Once children’s baby teeth are replaced by adult teeth, then that’s the time you should start being extra vigilant since these are already permanent teeth.

Sealants are done using a polymer resin material brushed on the surface of children’s teeth. Sealants are bonded onto the surface of the teeth to avoid food particles from getting stuck in the fissures and pits on the surface of your teeth.

By doing so, they help prevent tooth decay and cavities. Sealants are a type of preventive procedure, which is why it is often recommended among children. It would be a good idea to get sealants for your child to help him get started on good dental health early on.

2. What’s the difference between a root canal and an ordinary extraction?

Root canal is a well-known procedure for restorative dentistry. Unfortunately, it is well-known for being a painful procedure. Such negative notoriety, however, is now unfounded since root canal procedures these days are supported by sophisticated anesthetics to prevent pain.

An extraction of a bad tooth is the first and the most immediate solution to tooth decay. However, dentists tend not to recommend extractions at the first sign of problem because extractions are known to pave the way for more future tooth loss. To prevent this, you can have a root canal instead.

A root canal procedure is often the subject of several dental questions. Here’s how it works. Each tooth is connected to a living tissue inside it. In the event that a tooth suffers from trauma or tooth decay, the living tissue inside deteriorates and may eventually develop an infection. This usually causes toothache. If the situation is left alone, the infection can travel all the way into your jawbone and bring even bigger problems. The best way is to get a root canal. This procedure will remove the deteriorating tissue; the dentist will first create a small hole on your tooth which will serve as the main access towards the inner tissue. Then the canal is filled and covered so that teeth will be good as new.

3. My dentures are really uncomfortable. What other options do I have?

A lot of people are asking dental questions similar or related to this question. Tooth replacement is becoming a primary need as more and more people lose some of their teeth due to age or damage. The most popular solution to this is dentures, but they do tend to be uncomfortable.

Fortunately, there is another alternative. You can get dental implants instead. Dental implants are implanted into your jawbone so they work and feel like real teeth. They don’t move around or do not tend to slip. They also do not cause speech difficulties.

Where to Find Answers

There is no other source for answers to your dental questions but a dental care professional or a dentist. There are innumerable dentists willing to help you with your dental concerns.

The Internet has a lot of dentist resources sites where you can look for dentists in your area using just your zip code. You can also join a dental plan which will allow you discounted access to the dentists that belong to the plan’s network.

Just remember to choose a dentist that you feel comfortable with, so you can ask your dental questions and trust that you’ll get the answers that you need.

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