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DentalPlans.Com review : I would like to share my input on how one can reduce his dental expenses and this is about DentalPlans.Com. I am a family man and I value the dental health of my family especially those of my children. I grew up in an environment where dental care was the least important in the family budget; hence, we often encountered problems in resolving our dental issues.

Lost my job, lost my insurance

I used to hold a regular job that provided me dental insurance coverage to which I added a supplemental coverage for my family. However, due to the economic recession, I was one of those who were forced into retirement to allow the company to cutback on their future costs. Luckily for me, it was a retirement status where I at least received some form of compensation for the years of service I rendered to the company. Others were not as lucky, they were simply laid-off. At least I was able to invest in a small business that helps the family live decently.

However, with the job gone, I also lost my insurance coverage since I deemed it best at that time not to continue with is, as a way of re-organizing my expenses. Later on, my kids were having dental problems; in fact, I myself had a root canal job that was put off. I was totally aghast at the expenses quoted by the dental clinic because I was not aware that incurring dental expenses without insurance to cover you could be as expensive.

Enrolling in DentalPlans.Com to Replace my Dental Insurance

I decided to research and enroll in a family insurance plan but I discovered instead. is actually not an insurance policy. It is more like being a member and buying a privilege to get a discount from your dental expenses. This works best if you are sure to incur dental care expenses for the year. Otherwise you will be buying discounts for the year which you may not benefit from because you did not incur the dental expenses.

I availed of the Patriot Plan because this was the program participated in by my dentist. Actually, I have read from reviews that the problem with is the availability of participating dentists. The few that are included was almost always difficult to set up for appointment. Often, they have to resort to non-accredited dentists because they require immediate attention. and its Patriot plan works well for my family because as regular dentist visitors, most of our dental health care needs are planned and scheduled. I have been through emergency or sudden dental problems before and it was not easy to suffer from dental pains without getting immediate attention. That is one reason why getting preventive dental health care is important.

How Works

For the past four years I have saved quite a sum under the Patriot Plans of since the discount could be as much as 50 %. Below are the samples of the expenses that my family and I incur and the discount that provided:

For Adult Teeth Cleaning the usual fee is $83 and we pay only $44.
For Child Teeth Cleaning the usual fee is $62 and we pay only $34.
For Protective Sealants the usual fee is $46 and we pay only $28.
For Single Crown-Porcelain, the usual fee is $912 and I paid only $501
For my Root Canal Treatment, the usual fee is $636 and I paid only $352

Each dental plan offer discount on different dental procedures this means you should know the kind of dental service you will need so you can get the right plan for the year. As in my case, I knew that my wife and I needed root canal treatments, so I chose a plan that included discounts for root canal treatment. Preventive oral care like cleaning and sealants are basic and often included in the discount plan.

Hence on the succeeding year, the plan I took no longer included root canal treatments. In the near future, I am considering discount plans that will cover child braces. The family dentist said that by next year, the overbite issue with my 12-year old kid will be remedied with braces to ensure proper alignment.

Since losing my regular job, DentalPlan.Com has helped me meet the dental expenses of the family because it is more of a cost reduction plan and not an insurance plan. Once you enroll, you will be provided with a complete discounted fee table on almost all dental procedure. In addition, they will give you tips and instruction on you can best maximize your discount plan.

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