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Dr. John Gammichia Interview
General Dentist Florida

dentist floridaWe have with us Dr. John Gammichia, who works as a general dentist in Apopka, Florida. In addition to this he has a very well updated blog called the Daily Grind, make sure to visit it at

Dr. Gammichia graduated from the University of Florida College of Dentistry in 1995 and currently runs a dental practice together with his father in Apopka, a suburb of Orlando.

In this interview, in our series of dental interviews, he shares with us his views on dentistry, blogging and his general life-views as a health professional working with people.


1. Dr. Gammichia, thank you for providing such quality dental information through your blog. When and why did you decide to become a dentist - and when did your interest turn into blogging about it ?

My father is a dentist. I wanted to be a dentist since my 7th grade science fair. When my father and I did a science project on this NEW technology…composite resin. I felt my father had a pretty good life and was a pretty good dad. I thought I want to be like him. He never put any pressure on me but I always felt good around the office. I think I could do this.

I realize now what I great decision I made. I got a good gig going on.

Blogging…I was in the leadership of the AGD and I was on the technology committee. We started talking about a blog and I was youngest member of the committee by about 20 years. All eyes turned to me… I volunteered.

2. You have a way with words and last year you wrote a full 132 posts on your blog. Have you always enjoyed writing ?

Yes, I have always liked to write. I have an opinion and I want to be heard. I wrote my first national article when I was only 5 years out of dental school called, "I Just Graduated From Dental School… Now What?" Before the blog I wrote an article about one a year. Now with the blog I can tell my opinion about three times a week. It makes me feel less alone.

3. You have a clinic in Apopka, Florida. How is a normal day in the clinic for you ? What do you find most interesting about your job and what is the most challenging ?

I love teeth and I love people. I love have relationships with people and I love helping them with their teeth. My normal day is so much about educating people about their teeth. I feel like if I educate them, then they take ownership of an issue and then I just simply help them with the issue.

The most interesting part of my day is dealing with people. When dealing with the public you can get so much joy of just loving on people and vise versa.

The most challenging part of my day is trying to educate people that don’t want to be educated. They come to me because they have heard great things about my office and they are like a brick wall.


4. On the frontpage of your blog you also talk about how you "frequently speak to young dentists throughout the country about the opportunities and obstacles of starting your own dental practice" Can you tell us a little more about just that ?

I took my first article "I Just Graduated From Dental School…Now What?" and made it into a lecture. I called it "What You Need to Know About the First Five Years of Practice." I spoke all over the country to young dentists. I tried to be honest about what to expect about your first years as a dentist.


5. On our site we try to give some advice concerning dental insurance in addition to regular dental care tips. There is a debate going on concerning the need for dental insurance vs. just discount dental plans. Do you have any particular view on this and what is your take on dental insurance in general ?

I think tradition 80/20 dental insurance is good. But I have to say I don’t know too much about it. Ignorance is so bliss. What I do recognize is that when my father came out of dental school most dental insurance covered about $2000 a year. Now insurances are covering about $1500 a year. They have not gotten better, they have not stayed the same, they have gotten worse by the power of about 100. That being said, traditional insurance allows a lot of my patients to get their teeth cleaned and all their x-rays at no cost to them.

I am not the kind of dentist that has ever signed a contract with a provider. I feel like they try to handcuff a dentist or try to tell a dentist how to practice. This I know.


6. A last question, and this is a personal one : you seem like a passionate person - for your writing and for dentistry. Do you have a life motto, in work and/or in life ?

No, I don’t have one. But as I grow older and become more spiritual I recognize I am a broken man and I can’t be perfect (as much as I try and always fail). But being a Christian allows me to be broken because I have a Savior that has made it all perfect. I have a great job. I have a great practice. I have a great wife and I have great kids. I am blessed and I try never to forget that.


Many thanks to Dr. John Gammichia for sharing his views and perspectives !

Make sure to visit his blog for more information.


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