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Dentures for young people

by Lynn, answer by the Dentist

Dentures for young people are seldom recommended if the teeth can be taken care of by means of conservative treatment, crowns, or if they can be replaced by single or multiple implants. Many young people have destryoed their teeth due to massive intake of sodad and sugary foods, alongside with extreamly poor oral hygiene. Some may have lost them due to periodontitis or other pathological conditions. Some people even say they are tired of taking care of their teeth, and want them replaced with complete dentures.
Lynn has a story to tell:

Dear Dentist,
I have 15 teeth on top, each tooth contains two or more fillings. The fillings are good yet my teeth are still decaying. In the front 8 I have 3 root canals that still need crowns.
All my filling work will need to be redone to get rid of the on going decay and I will also need the three crowns. I have very soft teeth with bad acid erosion. I have been taking better care of them but after being pregnant they are going down hill fast. I have had five pulled and four root canals plus many fillings since pregnancy. I am looking into getting dentures and having all of my top teeth pulled. I believe I would wait the full 8 weeks and let my gums heal before getting the dentures put in. I am young yet I hate my smile now so I figure rather than go through all the work again and again just be done with it. In addition, my insurance covers the dentures not the crowns. My dad had to get dentures when he was 22 because he was kicked by a horse. He loves them and he is incouraging me to get them because he knows the trouble, not to mention pain, I have been through the last 10 yrs with my teeth. Is there anything I should take into consideration before having this done?

Dear Lynn,
As a professional dentist and health worker, I can not see how I can support pulling all of your teeth and put in a pair of compete dentures. Nothing replacing natural teeth will feel or look like them. Crowns and bridges do well both functionally and estetically. Implants are getting better and better and are good alternatives for teeth in a number of cases. But with your young age, and with 15 teeth on top (this is a full number except one wisdom teeth!) I wouldn't dream of pulling your teeth. Fillings and crowns may be expensive but they do save your teeth and the bone. Having teeth in the jaw keeps the bone surrounding your teeth stay in good size and density. This bone actually makes great part of your face, looks and function. A pair of dentures can never replace this. Complete dentures can be good for people who have lost their teeth due to illness, and cannot have implants due to medical conditions or age. Dentures for young people is a totallt different case. For a young mother of 27, with a complete number of teeth in her jaw, it would be completely wrong to do something like that. First of all I suggest you start taking better care of your teeth. My best pieces of advise are: 1.Brush your teeth thoroughly with fluorided toothpaste 2 times a day. 2. Floss! 3. Stay away from acid beverages as your teeth are eroded. Drink water! These 3 very easy steps can make major things for your teeth. Having fillings or root canals in your teeth doesn't have to be a problem every though you should check them regularly.I would not recommend dentures for young adults having no special conditions making this a real alternative. Good luck, Lynn!

Best regards, the Dentist


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