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Insurance Covers Dental Surgery
Oral Surgery Now  A Possibility

Insurance covers dental surgery can help you get the drastic treatment measures that you need for your teeth.

There are some major dental problems that only dental surgery can solve. The reliable dentists won’t rush into oral surgery as an option.

However, there are some cases where there is no other choice but to get surgery in order to solve the problem. Sometimes, dental surgery also becomes a necessary part of a different procedure. One specific example is getting dental implants, in which case you also need to get a surgery.

Dental surgery can be particularly expensive. Aside from the work of the dental surgeon, your payment will also cover payment for the usage of the surgical room plus usage of equipments and the staff needed during the operation

. Due to this, sometimes the only way to afford dental surgery without dipping into your hard-earned savings is to get insurance that covers dental surgery. Here are some plans you may want to consider.

Which Dental Insurance Has Surgery Coverage ?

  • Aetna Dental Access
  • Patriot Plan
  • Avia Dental Plan

1. Careington Care 500 Series

insurance covers dental surgeryThere’s no doubt about it; when it comes to dental care programs, Careington is a rather well-known name.

Although it offers many different types of dental insurance plans, it also ventured into the discount dental plan market by providing the Careington Care 500 series. This discount plan provides you with the same quality of reliable dental coverage and trustworthy service that has made Careington a well-established name in the market.

Now, the Careington Care 500 series plan aims to give you easy and affordable access to dental care. This is one of the insurance that covers dental surgery but without making things too complicated for you. You don’t have to worry about premiums or deductibles. You simply pay a membership fee every year then get discounted dental rates. How much discounts do you get? Careington Care offers 20% off on dental surgery.

2. Affordable Family Health Services

If 20% discounts are not enough, you can check out the offers of Affordable Family Health Services, which raises the discounts on dental surgery to 25%.

Affordable Family Health Services charges a very nominal fee of $124.95 for each year of membership, and you can enroll the entire family by paying just $169.95 per year. All dental specialty procedures are also included in the list, so you can get discounts on oral surgery as well as on braces and even some cosmetic dental procedures.

The cincher of the deal, however, is that Affordable Family Health Services also offers discounts on vision care, prescription care, and chiropractic care. All these benefits are offered with no unnecessary hassle because there’s practically no paperwork involved and all members are accepted without health restrictions.

3. Avia dental plan

It’s good to compare different options, so even if you’ve found a great plan in Affordable Family Health Services or Careington Care 500 Series, you should check out yet another insurance that covers dental surgery just to be able to compare different rates and offers. Remember that there is no one best dental plan; you have to find the plan that works best for you.

Avia dental plan is a plausible candidate. It has all the right ingredients: a reliable company with a good service philosophy, an affordable rate of just $124.95 for a year’s worth of membership and discounts, and excellent discount rates. Highest discounts reach up to 70% for the routine procedures, but since this insurance covers dental surgery, you get 25% off on dental surgical procedures.

When You Need Insurance to Cover your Dental Surgery

Dental surgery is a common procedure done when there are dental problems that need to be solved or when there are procedures that can only be completed with surgery.

Dental implants require a surgical procedure when the titanium post of the implant has to be finally placed in the jaw.

Maxillofacial procedures also require surgery, and so do most cosmetic dental procedures. Another common dental surgery need is when a wisdom tooth has to be extracted. These are the most common instances when dental surgery becomes the only solution.

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