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Mini Implants
Making Smaller Teeth Implants Possible


The development of the tooth replacement or implantation brought such huge empowerment to the dental society.

It was a breakthrough that responded to the hassle brought about by the more common dentures. Plus, they are more comfortable and hassle-free.

However, this treatment had been limited by size, when you're missing a relatively small tooth, it's difficult to have it replaced. This is because the space for the implant may be very limited.

Thus, mini implants can be really relevant and helpful.

Things You Need to Know About Mini Dental Implants

1. mini implantsThe Mini Dental Implant Surgery

Specialized training is needed to be able to perform a mini dental implantation. Not just anyone is capable of doing it, some dentists find it very difficult because of the narrow space that needs to be filled

So, this procedure is usually more complicated. On the contrary, it is faster, unlike some of the regular implantation that requires a patient to go back to the clinic after one appointment for the dentist to be able to finish the operation.

Because of the tiny size of the mini dental implants, it is easier to put them in place by drilling a small hole on the gums. Then, the implant is simply placed through the hole and into the jawbone.

Unlike regular-sized implant procedures that require incision because of the bigger hole needed to hold the implant, mini dental implantation simply needs a small hole that can hold the tiny implant. To make sure the implant is secure in its position, a small ratchet wrench is used. Then, voila!

The patient can have a new tooth in just around one hour! You are also allowed to eat already after the procedures, although you have to be more gentle and choose food that will not require too much pressure on your new implants yet.

2. Available Sizes of Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implants differ from regular dental implants in size. They are much narrower to be able to comfortably fit even the narrow spaces where a smaller tooth used to be.

The FDA has approved these smaller implants so there is no need to worry about its safety. Of course, since these mini implants offer convenience in the aspect of implant size, it also comes in different sizes. Your dentist will choose between those with diameters of 1.8mm, 2.1mm, 2.4mm, and 2.9mm. Lengths differ too and choices vary between 10mm, 13mm, 15mm, and 18mm. They may seem small, but they are also as heavy-duty as the regular implants. They are made from slim titanium rod which makes them strong and solid.

3. Dental Fees Associated with Mini Tooth Implants

Generally, mini dental implants are cheaper than the regular-sized ones. Usually, they cost a third or a fourth of the regular implant's price. But it varies depending on your city or location and on the professional rates of your dentist.

Most dental insurance plans cover implantation procedures, so this will help you save more money. However, just to be sure, check if your insurance coverage includes dental implantation.

4. When Mini Tooth Implants are Used Best

Mini dental implants can also be used in other instances such as aiding to problems associated with the regular-sized implant procedures. In cases wherein dental implants become loose, mini implants can be used to help secure the implant in place.

Also, in cases where the implantation procedure cannot be done because of a lack of sufficient bone, dentists execute a bone graft first. Mini dental implants are used in such cases because they are shorter and can easily fit and be accommodated by the gums even without doing a bone graft procedure anymore.

Is it Okay for You to Have Mini Dental Implants?

Not everyone of us are fit to have mini dental implants.

Since our bone structures may differ, a patient still has to undergo tests to see if the implant can be supported and secured by your jaw bones.

It is also important to take good care of your health because some unhealthy patients usually experience discomfort with the mini dental implants.

Frequent smokers and those who take immunosuppressants regularly also do not do well with mini implants.

So it is essential to find out first if you are a good candidate for the procedure or if you may need to consider your other options.

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