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New tooth growing

by Taya, answer by the Dentist

New tooth growing, Taya

New tooth growing, Taya

A new tooth growing
One of the younger readers submitted a question today:

I got something that feels like another tooth is growing beside the way back tooth. I'm scared, tell me what to do, please! Taya

Dear Taya,
How old are you? My guess is that you are getting your "grown-up" teeth, that a new tooth is growing. The temporary dentition is completed when you are about 3 years old, and will stay stable until you are about 6 years old. The first molar of the permanent dentition, the new tooth growing, will appear between 6 and 8 years of age, and it will appear on the posterior part of your last temporary tooth. So you have nothing to be scared of!

Maybe you've also felt some tenderness in this area? This is completely normal and due to the fact that the new tooth is trying to get through the gingiva and to be a part of the oral cavity. You will get another tooth behind this one (the second molar) at the age of about 12. One by one all of the temporary teeth will be replaced by permanent teeth.

Make sure that your new teeth are clean and nice! Brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day with a fluorided dentifrice - and brush a little extra on your new teeth!

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