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Pain after Root Canal

by Melody, Answer by the Dentist
(Oxon Hill md)

Pain after Root Canal

Pain after Root Canal

Some patients experience pain after root canal treatment. One of the readers has a question about it:

I had a root canal done 1 1/2 years ago, and I am experiencing the same tooth pain that I had before the root canal. Can I go back to the same dentist for additional screening and not pay if it involves the same tooth?

Pain after root canal treatment is very annoying. If the tooth was alive but inflamed by the time of the root canal being done, it is more likely not to be painful after the treatment. If the tooth was necrotic, that is, invaded by bacteria, the tooth is more difficult to treat and even by the dentist doing his/her very best, the prognosis for successful treatment is around 80%. That means that about 20% of the patients will experience either pain or other problems after the treatment. This is due to the very resistent bacteria living in the environment arount the apex of the tooth - these are sometimes resistant to treatment. So this is usually nothing that the dentist has caused or can prevent. In your case it could maybe be wise to call or visit the dentist and tell him/her about the problem and how much a retreatment will cost.

In your case I would absolutely go back to the dentist for a new screening - if you still have pain after root canal treatment it is important to check that the disease/problem has not become more serious.

Good luck with you tooth pain!

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