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Pain with Braces


Pain with braces is common, though can it be extreamly annoying. Mouth sores, aphtous ulcers, cuts from the brackets and pain from the jaw are usual sensations, especially the days after the orthodontist have put the braces on or adjusted them. One of the readers has a question:

My Goddaughter got braces today for overbite. The braces are touching her toungue and she is in a lot of pain. I can't sleep and of course she cannot sleep either. What can we do?

Dear Alexander,
Thank you for your question about pain with braces. First of all I want to inform you that this pain your goddaughter has, is not dangerous or harmful for her. A lot of people get very anxious when they experience pain with braces, because the pain is a different kind of pain, not like anything they have experienced earlier. The pain with braces is worst the days after the dentist has done something with the braces, either it is putting the brackets on, or adjusting them. The reason why this is painful, is because the braces uses force and pressure to move the teeth. This pain extends into the deep jaw and surrounding tissue. Even though they do not move very much between each session, these small changes in the jaw can be very painful. This movement involves teeth, alveolar bone, vessels, nerves and soft tissue.

What can one do to relieve pain from braces?
1. Use painkillers if necessairy. Over-the-counter drugs are often a good choice to relieve pain from braces. Ask your doctor if you are in doubt of which pain relief drug you should use.
2. Remember to brush your teeth thoroughly. A lof of patients using braces avoid brushing their teeth because it is more difficult with all the equiptment covering the teeth. Lack of oral hygiene can cause gingivitis and diffuse pain in the area, in addition to of course caries.
3. Use orthodontic wax. Cover the brackets with soft wax so the metal fittings and sharp wires doesn't cause mouth sores and aphtous ulcers.
4. Get used to the pain. This may sound stupid and maybe not as a good advice, but in general patients get used to the pain and manages the pain better after each adjustment of the braces. The first time is always the worst!

Good luck with the pain with braces!

Best regards, The Dentist

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