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Best Discount Dental Plans for Personal Use

Personal dental insurance or any form of personal or individual dental coverage is a necessity for everybody these days.

Each person should be responsible for his or her dental health. One way of exercising this responsibility is availing of any form of coverage or discount program for personal dental care.

Experts in the dental insurance industry these days recommend the discount dental plans, which are plans that individuals can avail or become members of so they can enjoy the privileges of being a member.

This privilege takes the form of great discounts on many dental procedures.

Here are some of the options you can consider.

Individual Discount Dental Plans You Can Consider

  • Dental Care Advantage
  • Preferred Network Access by CIGNA
  • Dent-All Plan Inc.

1. Dental Care Advantage

personal dental insuranceDental Care Advantage is one of the most benefit-filled discount dental plans on the market, as it offers discounts on dental care, as well as on vision care, prescription drugs, hearing care, and chiropractic care.

It is also one of the few plans that cover orthodontics and cosmetic treatments, which are not provided by most plans. Members can receive all these benefits by going to any one of the more than 38,000 dentists who will honor your Dental Care Advantage membership card.

To get a membership card, complete the hassle-free application process, with virtually no paperwork at all, and enjoy quick activation of your membership. This way, you can start enjoying discounts as soon as your application has been approved. As a result, discount plans like Dental Care Advantage makes sure you can get discounts even when it’s an emergency.

Membership fee for Dental Care Advantage membership is $124.95 and $169.95 per year for individuals and families, respectively.

2. Preferred Network Access by CIGNA

Are you familiar with CIGNA, a well-known health and dental care insurance provider?

Well, it has joined the bandwagon too and now offers a discount dental plan called Preferred Network Access. There are two types of this plan, the Preferred Network Access and the Dental Only version of the plan.

Preferred Network Access, the original plan, charges $134.95 for individuals as yearly membership fee. It includes discounts for most dental procedures including braces, plus a vision and prescription drug benefit. The plan is open to all individuals, regardless of state of health. You can use the discounts the way you want as benefits are not predetermined, unlike in the traditional personal dental insurance. To top it all off, you will have more than 93,000 dentists to choose from.

The Dental Only version of the plan is cheaper, charging only $104.95 per year for each member. The plan still includes most of its covered dental procedures including braces, but do not offer discounts for vision care and prescription drugs anymore.

3. Dent-All Plan Inc.

You may also consider the Dent-All Plan Inc. discount dental plan for individuals, which will cost you only $114.95.

What makes this plan stand out is that it cares more than you think, as its main philosophy is to prevent and detect dental problems early before they get bigger. That’s why they offer as much as 60% discounts on preventive and other basic maintenance procedures, compared to the 20% they offer on major and specialist services. The plan does include orthodontics though.

The Dent-All Plan Inc. membership discounts are honored in more than 60,000 dental practices all over the country. You also get several added benefits for free, except if you live in Florida.

Why Can’t You Get A PPO Plan?

One thing you need to understand about personal dental insurance is that it focuses on answering needs, not wants.

This is why there is only a very small number of insurance plans that offer to pay for cosmetic dental procedures. The obejctive of these insurance plans is to keep your teeth healthy, and making your teeth appear attractive and beautiful is not a priority.

It can be rather hard to get coverage for a cosmetic procedure with a PPO plan. You might have to come up with a good reason, such as that the cosmetic procedure is part of a larger treatment program for underlying problems and so on. The determining factor is usually the motives for getting the said cosmetic procedure.

Purely esthetic reasons won’t suffice, so you need to establish that the cosmetic procedure is necessary for you. This is the only way that your traditional personal dental insurance plan will include cosmetic care.

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