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The Real Benefits of
Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance

Many people these days regard insurance companies in much the same way they view used car salesmen and politicians. People don’t really think too highly of insurance providers because they don’t always tell you the truth.

They don’t deliver what they promise. They offer pledges that are too good to be true so they often fall short of expectations. But that’s not the case when you get the Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance.

This is a true insurance plan, and you really do get the coverage you’re expecting. There are no hidden details in the fine print that negate what was promised to you.

They offer a lot, and they deliver :

The Benefits

  • There Is No Deductible
  • 3 Benefit Options and 4 Dental Insurance Plans Are Available
  • The Dental Plan Covers More than 300 Dental Procedures
  • Preventive Care Benefits Start Immediately
  • Basic Care Benefits Begin After Only 3 Months
  • Major Care Benefits are Available After Only a Year
  • You Can Choose Your Own Dentist
  • Multiple Benefits
1. There Is No Deductible

physiciansIn some insurance dental plans you need to pay for your deductibles.

A deductible is the amount of money you’ll have to pay first before the insurance company will pay a claim. For example, let’s say your deductible amount is $50. This means that if the procedure costs $60, then you have to pay the $50 first and then the insurance company will pay the $10. So if the procedure costs less than $50, the insurance company won’t have to pay anything at all.

But with Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance there is no deductible. The insurance company pays your claim fully according to the amount specified in the insurance plan, and only if the amount is not enough for the procedure will you need to pay out of pocket. If the insurance company is supposed to pay $500 and the procedure costs $500, you won’t have to pay for anything.

2. 3 Benefit Options and 4 Dental Insurance Plans Are Available

You get to choose the type of benefit options you want, and there are 3 of them. The Economy Option is the cheapest, but then it also offers the least number of benefits for each dental procedure.

The Standard Option pays out about 30% more in general. The Preferred Option pays the most for each procedure or service, although in a few cases the Standard and the Preferred Options may pay the same amount in benefits. For example, for a comprehensive oral or periodontal evaluation, the Economy Option pays $21, the Standard pays $29, and the Preferred pays $37.

You can also get to choose one plan among 4 different insurance plans that best fits your circumstances. Your choices are: Individual Plan, a Husband and Wife Plan, an All-Family Plan, and a One-Parent Plan. This way, you can get dental insurance coverage for yourself or for your entire family.

3. The Dental Plan Covers More than 300 Dental Procedures

There are no nasty surprises when it comes to what types of procedures are covered and what kind of conditions apply. These are all listed clearly, and you can take a look at the list online. And of course, they’re very clear about the details. For example, the amount the insurance will pay out won’t be greater than the actual charge for the procedure

If your dental clinic is offering a comprehensive oral evaluation for just $10 and your Economy Option covers up to $21, you don’t get to pocket the extra $11.

But with such a long list of covered procedures, it’s safe to say that you’ll get the benefits you need for all the dental procedures you are expecting to get.

4. Preventive Care Benefits Start Immediately

Preventive dental care is crucial, because these procedures are designed to keep you fromgetting more serious dental problems later on. And so you should get these services whenever you need them. It’s a good thing that the dental insurance plan also acknowledges the importance of this, because you can get payments immediately for more than 30 preventive care services. These benefits include routine dental exams, professional teeth cleaning, and X-rays.

5. Basic Care Benefits Begin After Only 3 Months

Basic dental care services include simple tooth extractions as well as dental fillings. Benefits for these and for more than 100 basic care services are available for you after only 3 months of being enrolled in your dental insurance plan.

6. Major Care Benefits are Available After Only a Year

Some dental solutions and procedures can be expensive, and it surely helps if your dental insurance can cover a portion of the fee. In this case, after only a year with the insurance plan you can get your benefits for more than 200 types of major care services.

These services include putting in a crown to cover your tooth, bridges and dentures when you have missing teeth, root canals when the pulp inside your tooth is infected, periodontic treatment for gum disease, and surgical tooth extractions.

7. You Can Choose Your Own Dentist

In some cases an insurance company will insist that you only go to a dentist that is part of their network. If you already have a dentist whom you’re comfortable with and they’re not on the list, you won’t get the benefits unless you make the switch to an approved dentist.

But in this case there are no network restrictions. You have the absolute freedom to choose the dentist you want for yourself or for your whole family.

8. Multiple Benefits

You’re not limited to a single benefit for each visit to the dentist. You can use multiple benefits.

So if you’re visiting your dentist for a routine checkup and the dentist says you need a root canal therapy, then every procedure you get during that visit (the checkup, the cleaning, the root canal, X-rays, the crown, etc.) is covered.

How to Get Started

Visit the Physicians mutual dental insurance website to get an instant quote.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how good your dental health is. You’ll still get  dental coverage. Just visit the page, indicate your state, age (younger or older than 50), and plan type, and you’ll instantly get a quote through email. It’s that simple!

The dental clinic takes care of filing the claims for you, and you’ll probably end up with very little balance to pay.  


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