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Preferred Dental Plans
From Cigna Dental Insurance

Cigna’s preferred dental plans, the Preferred Network Access discount plans, are some of the popular discount plans making their rounds in the market.

Cigna is a well-known dental insurance provider. Recently, consumers have started paying more attention to discount dental plans. As a result, Cigna also came up with its own discount plan, which it calls the Preferred Network Access plan by Cigna.

The plan works pretty much like other discount plans: you pay an annual membership fee then receive discounted dental procedures in exchange.

However, there are some factors that differentiate Cigna’s preferred dental plans from the rest of the bunch.

Advantages of Cigna’s Preferred Plans

  • Orthodontics and Other Specialist Coverage
  • Large Dentist Network
  • Hassle-Free Application and Eligiblity
  • Additional Benefits

1. Orthodontics and Other Specialist Coverage

preferred dentalThe first thing that puts Cigna’s Preferred Network Access plan at an advantage over other discount plans is that it includes discounts for orthodontics.

Orthodontics is an expensive form of treatment, so a lot of discount plans exclude it from their list of covered procedures. Cigna, however, throws it in along with other major specialty work such as periodontal treatments, oral surgery, prosthodontics, pediatric dentists, and endodontists or root canal treatments.

2. Large Dentist Network

Preferred Network Access discount plans from Cigna also offers a large network of dentists for you to choose from.

If you are already familiar with discount plans, then you know that members of these plans can only receive discounts if they go to any dentist that belongs to the Cigna network. These are the only dentists who have agreed to honor discounts that Cigna entitles to its members.

Right now, Cigna’s partner dentists have completed a network of more than 93,000 dentists scattered all over the country. Greater dentist choices means you have the freedom to choose the dentists you are comfortable with and the dentists who are most recommended for certain specialties. The choice of dentist often plays a role in the quality of dental care you receive. With a large network such as Cigna’s, you’ll have no problems with dentist supply.

3. Hassle-Free Application and Eligibility

Cigna’s preferred dental plans also has the advantage of a hassle-free application process and wide access eligibility compared to almost all dental insurance plans around.

Cigna can accept all interested members with absolutely no health restrictions. All members get the same discount percentages, and they can enjoy it to the maximum and in their own way, with no predetermined benefits. You can switch from one dentist to another, or seek specialty care without any referral.

The application process can be completed online, and your membership card and other details about your membership will be sent to your home. There are no paperwork to deal with, and no talks of deductibles and premiums to complicate matters.

4. Additional Benefits

Cigna also took the liberty of adding additional benefits to a regular discount dental plan, making the Preferred Network Access the preferred choice among more consumers. As if the name Cigna, a trusted name in the industry, is not assurance enough, Cigna adds vision care discounts and discounts on all prescription drug purchases to the package. It’s no wonder the discount plans from the company are one of the most trusted ones out there.

Two Types of Cigna Preferred Network Access Plans

Cigna actually has two types of Preferred Network Access plans.

The first plan is the complete plan with all the value-added vision and prescription drug benefits. This plan is the flagship plan and charges $134.95 and $189.95 for individuals and families, respectively. These are annual membership fees.

The second type of plan is the Dental Only version of the same Preferred Network Access plan.

The two plans are completely the same except that the Dental Only does not offer the abovementioned additional benefits. The same discounts apply, and the same 93,000 dentists are accessible.

The Dental Only plan is more affordable, charging only $104.95 for individuals and $159.95 for families, which are quite favorable packages considering Cigna’s recognized reputation and that these prices also pay for an entire year’s membership.

However, between these two types of Cigna preferred dental plans, it would be best to pay extra and get the full plan instead of the Dental Only plan especially if you don’t have existing vision and prescription drug plans.

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