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Preferred Provider Organization Ppo

by Sean Stevens - Businessman

Preferred Provider Organization PPO Dental Plan

Preferred Provider Organization PPO Dental Plan

Preferred provider organization PPO, my experience. I run a small automotive business here in our little community. The income is quite good but not always. My wife and I had one problem though, my daughters were entering their teens and it bothered us that we have been neglecting their dental health care needs.

One of my customers suggested that I get a dental health care insurance plan so it wouldn't be too much of a burden on our budget. He told me that I could use the Internet to shop around for the best dental insurance plan I can afford. I was told that getting a dental insurance plan was something that I had to carefully research before I finally settle on one. My customer further suggested I get the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) kind of dental insurance plan and from there workout the dental health care needs of my family.

Preferred Provider Plan PPO vs. Dental Indemnity Plan, my experience : I took out the kind called Preferred Provider Organization or PPO, which, if compared to what they call as Indemnity Plan was a little less expensive. Since much of the dental work the family needed was basic preventive dentistry like teeth cleaning, I had other dental health care benefits like fillings, simple tooth extractions and x-rays included.

Besides, I was a bit confused with the Indemnity Plan because the plan they say will only pay for what is usual and customary and for me that was quite confusing. Since under the Indemnity Plan I will be choosing my own dentist, whatever dental services my dentist will render to me will be reimbursed only for what the provider considers as usual and customary. That kind of agreement leaves me wary and confused and I do not want to be getting into an argument later on about their terminologies.

Under the Preferred Provider Organization or PPO plan, we just went with the dentist included in their network list, hence, we were assured that we will not be charged with exorbitant fees. The service we got was generally okay although we always had to wait in line since there were other patients who had their appointments ahead of us. If we were to get a dentist outside of the network listings, the plan will not provide for whatever excess fees the dentist will charge based on the usual and customary price.

The mention of waiting reminds me that one thing I like about the dental health care insurance plan we got, is that it has no "waiting period". There were others that I looked into that required us to wait for sometime from the date we enrolled in the dental program, up to a date that we were considered as eligible. I was sort of turned off by this particular requirement so I went to check out the others that did not have what they call "waiting period".

Benefits Derived from the Preferred Provider Plan Dental Insurance Plan have been pretty clear. This year, we were able to get at least 50% reimbursements from our dental costs for tooth extractions and fillings. The Preferred Organization Provider plan provides that by next year the benefits we get will increase up to 65%. The third year will be even better, because the plan provides for an 80% benefit. For the preventive dentistry, the second year policy will pay 100%.

I really recommend that every family should get a dental health care insurance plan,the Preferred Organization Provider in particular. There are Preferred Organization Providers that will allow you to choose a dentist outside of the network, but as I see it, it really depends on the kind of dental service you need. Ours are mostly preventive and basic, hence, we feel confident that any of the network dentist will be able to do it competently.

I guess it would be different once we will be undergoing dental services like root canal, then I would prefer to have a dentist that I really trust. So the best thing for you to do is to choose a Preferred Organization Provider policy that will allow you to choose outside of the network, just in case.

A dental health care insurance plan is like forced savings for something you know you have to spend for sooner or later. In fact, getting preventive dental health care lessens the possibility of other dental health problems that costs more. As my wife and I see it, it will be years before we will have the need for crowns and bridges. I hope business will be better by that time.

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