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Prevent Tooth Decay

by Kylyn, answer by the Dentist
(mandaluyong, Hilippines)

To prevent tooth decay it is important to keep a well-routined oral hygiene program and also visit the dentist regularly for cleanings and oral exams. One of the readers, Kylyn, has a very important question:

Can I prevent tooth decay in just one year?

Deay Kylyn,
Yes, you can! Tooth decay is caused by bacterial colonisation on the tooth/enamel surface which ultimately leads to destruction of tooth tissue which leads to cavitites. When sugars and sticky food, for example sugar from sodas, candy, buns, muffins, cakes etc, are left on tooth surface, the bacteria on the same surface will ingest the sugars and make acid. This acid will destroy the tooth enamel and lead to a cavity. If the bacteria on the surface of teeth are not removed by use of tooth brush and flossing, you may not be able to prevent tooth decay.

My daily tips to prevent tooth decay are simple, but important:
1. Brush your teeth twice a day; after breakfast and before you go to sleep. Use a fluorided toothpaste and make sure you brush all surfaces; the front, the back and the top. Make sure that all the plaque is removed so your teeth has a smooth surface.
2. Floss! The side surfaces of the tooth needs cleaning as well - tooth floss should be used at least every evening.
3. Drop sugary drinks and food - especially between the meals - and drink water if you are thirsty.

This way it is absolutely possible to prevent tooth decay in one year, also less! Start today!
Good luck with prevent tooth decay!

Best regards,
The Dentist

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