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Root Canal Problem

by Jake VonWeiner

Root canal problem - but insurance covered !

Root canal problem - but insurance covered !

Root canal problem discovered ; I’ve got a story to tell and why it took me years before I ever went back to see a dentist. I’m 37 years old and about twenty years ago I went through a terrible root canal problem treatment.

You see I had this bad tooth that I thought the dentist was going to remove which he didn’t. Instead, he suggested that the tooth could still be saved by way of root canal procedure.

I can’t remember or understand much of the dentist’s explanation but all I can recall is that I had a weekly appointment with him for quite a long period. What I can’t really forget is that after a few hours passed, I started having this terrible tooth pain. It would last for the whole night and nobody didn’t seem to understand the kind of pain I was going through. Pain relievers only helped by numbing some of the pain, but it would wear off all too soon and make me suffer again.

The first time that happened, I immediately went back to the dentist because my mom suspected the dentist must have done something wrong if I was going through such terrible pain in spite of the treatment.

Well the good old doctor tried to explain it to me again that what was causing me
pain was that root canal procedure actually involved deadening of the nerve tissues inside the tooth. I went home feeling desolate, knowing that I was in for more of this pain every time I went for the scheduled dental appointment.

Had I listened very well the first time he explained, I would have just settled for a simple tooth extraction. I made a conclusion that dentists only wanted to make more money by giving their patients this kind of treatment. I dreaded these dental appointments and always kept asking my dentist when it will be over. His answer only confirmed my suspicion that he was just prolonging my agony so he can get more money: “in time, you will know when I tell you”, was all he said.

Well to my relief, it was finally over after making me pay for every visit that only made my life miserable. Since then, I never went to see a dentist.

That’s why I initially hated my new sister-in-law who is a dentist. I didn’t talk to her much because I still remember my old dentist tormentor.However, in one of the family gatherings I heard somebody say that my dentist sister-in-law is
great because she was up to date with her dentistry methods.

They all started comparing notes on how way back then, root canal was so impossibly painful. Of course, I joined in the conversation because I had my own story to tell. They were chiding me for being so narrow-minded because that kind of root canal treatment was passé and not as painful anymore.

Well anyway, I started engaging my sister-in- law with longer conversations and I appreciate the fact that she patiently explains the new method. You see, I have this tooth pain due to the root canal problem that’s been bothering me for some years now and I do believe I badly need dental health care after all these years.

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