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How to Get Affordable Student Dental Plams

Dental insurance for students, in most cases, the only remaining option for students who have limited access to funds. Dental care is important for everyone. Although some may think dental care is more important for the elderly, the opposite can be true if you look at things from a different perspective. Dental care is more important for the younger folks because they still have a fresh dental care slate. They can still take the right direction when it comes to caring for their teeth.

This is why students must not neglect dental care and not use their limited financial resources as an excuse to do so. They should take time, in the midst of their busy exam schedules, to see a dentist every 6 months and to see a dentist at the first sign of toothache.

But how can students possible afford this?

Top and Most Affordable Student Dental PlanOptions

  • Free Dental Care or Insurance from University
  • Discount Dental Plans Family Packages
  • Student Dental Plans

1. Free Dental Care or Insurance from University

student dental insuranceEvery student’s first move, if he or she is interested in availing of dental insurance or dental care, is to find sources of free dental care or free dental insurance coverage. This may sound like quite a stretch, but it is possible. Your first source is, of course, the university.

Most universities offer medical and dental insurance to their students for free, as part of enrollment benefits, or with minimal costs already incorporated into the tuition fee. Although most of the time the free insurance is very limited, it is nevertheless an insurance coverage. Since students are still young, they will most likely need basic preventive procedures only, so even limited insurance coverage may suffice.

Some universities also offer really great dental insurance benefits. Students of Harvard University, for one thing, can actually get free coverage from Delta, a leading medical and dental care insurance provider.

2. Discount Dental Plans Family Packages

Students can also ask their parents to apply for a discount dental plan family package. The family package is often less than $50 more expensive than the individual plans but it already includes all members of the family. Students’ parents won’t feel the difference in the costs of paying for the family package and the individual package. This way, all students in the family are already included.

There are also several other benefits to becoming a member of a discount dental plan. Discount dental plans often charge yearly payments of less than $200, with some plans even less than $100. The annual payment setup makes sure parents won’t have to worry about the fees monthly, unlike in a conventional dental insurance setup with all those monthly premiums.

Also, with discount dental plans, membership is practically assured regardless of the state of the teeth of the members of the family. There are not many requirements or preconditions to meet, and application is a breeze.

3.  Student Dental Plans

There are also some dental insurance companies that specifically offers dental insurance for students. These companies feature plans that are priced just right and contains coverage that meets the usual needs of students, with focus on preventive, maintenance, and diagnostic dental care.

Some companies also have programs specifically targeted towards students. For example, United Healthcare is a large medical insurance company that offers medical and dental care insurance, and they have a department called UnitedHealthcare Student Resources.

The UnitedHealth Allies discount dental plans include vision coverage benefits. It is not technically insurance, but it is a great deal for students looking for dental plan at a limited budget. The program offers savings reaching up to 50% for a large variety of dental procedures. The great thing is students can even get special discounts on massage therapies, sports apparel and equipment, as well as fitness club memberships.

How to Choose the Right Dental Coverage for Students

If you’re planning on getting dental insurance on a student’s budget, you have to double-check certain things to be sure you’re getting enough coverage even without paying a huge sum.

You should first ask how much money the insurance or dental plan will cost on the whole. If it’s a traditional student dental insurance, you should determine the exact amount of deductible and what you will get once the deductibles are paid. If it’s a discount plan though, the only thing you need to know about cost is the annual fee.


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