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by Emma, answer by the Dentist

Teeth veneers, what is essential?

Teeth veneers, what is essential?

Teeth veneers – what is essential and how many do you really need for a full smile? Emma from Rome asks:

Hi there, I have recently paid £2000 to have my teeth whitened and then 4 veneers on my top middle teeth. After the whitening I have now been told they will need to do the top 6 costing another 25% more. The reason given was that when you smile you see the 6 front teeth so it is essential work. Is this correct or not? It just seems a huge price difference from the initial quote.


Dear Emma,
Thank you for posting an interesting question. What is regarded essential can be discussed, but usually 6 front teeth is the essential ones when it comes to estetics. Nevertheless, the younger you are, the more teeth you usually show when you smile and laugh. And I can see from your picture that you have a big, nice smile. It looks like you can see the 8 front teeth, that is 4 on each side of the midline. However, what is essential is actually up to you – you are the one who has to decide how many veneers you need. If you are satisfied with your bleaching and your other teeth are OK I see no reason to put veneers on your other teeth.

Good luck with your teeth veneers!

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